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What's your stereotype of Russia?


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Hello, dear friends,
I am really interested in what you think about Russia and Russian furries. Don't be shy to tell all the truth. I will try to respond quickly! ;)


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Russia is cold. All the time. And Russians deal with the cold by drinking vodka, which acts as anti-freeze.

Russian technology may not necessarily be sophisticated, but it is rugged as hell and responds well to percussive maintenance. The fact that Russian rocket designs dating from the 1950s (e.g. the R-7 launcher currently used for Soyuz) are STILL flying and are as reliable as a wind-up alarm clock is a tremendous testament to good rugged Russian design :)


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Vodka and Bond movies.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
A questionable leadership from Putin and protests from the nashi movement.
Large areas of unspoilt wilderness and geographical interesting places.
A good history of painters artists, scientists like dimitri mendeleev etc
Russian internet memes appear when '.rus' is in a web address.
One of the only countries with launch vehicles that can reach the ISS.


My best friend is a Russian immigrant born in Moscow, so I have a bit of his insight as well. From what I understand it is very cold and the infrastructure is outdated many places, but the Russians certainly know how to have a good time (and can process alcohol like few other nationalities). Moscow is a major cosmopolitan city, but the rest of the country is a bit bland. Oh, and like every single car has a dashboard video system because fraud is a major issue there.

Am I close? :)


Vodka-induced shenanigans.

At least, that's what my youtube-based education has taught me. :v

Butters Shikkon

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Stereotypes? The USSR, efficency, that harsh yet beautiful language and those awesome Orthodox Churches esp. Moscow...


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mine can be summed up six words



I think your like everyone else, you try to put bread on the kitchen table, keep a roof over your head and find happiness.


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They're hackers. This is either piracy, other crimes, or stuff like videogame cheats.
They repost other people's original content on their own sites and occasionally sell/distribute them with their own logos.
They always play as the Soviets if they are a team choice in a game, without fail, one of the most notable examples being Red Orchestra. They move in large groups.
Their all-time favourite game is usually S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

But that's the internet.

I don't really know Russians IRL well enough to form a stereotype around them. They seem pretty alright, so no bones about it. Though I've never seen a black dude who has identified as Russian in my entire life.


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My stereotype of Russians?

Just like us, trying to mitigate their own social norms and barriers in order to survive. I wonder how they feel about our stereotypes of them? I wonder how they feel about us? Probably pretty negatively, I am sure. On the other hand, sometimes I worry about the people over there with everything that I hear or see, as mostly pushed by x,y,z_site. I want them to have good lives. Leave it to Americans to proliferate only the most horrible things about the Russian people, and you can see why we frequently prefer them as things to be bullied in our video games and movies; I really do hope the people over there stay safe and have fun regardless of our portrayals of them. Sickens me to death that as a culture, it's something somewhat of a betrayal to feel for what their people have gone through. But I don't care, I do it anyway.

Hear they've got an awesome heart for Paintball, though. ^^


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Russia? Do you mean Putintopia? :V


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mine can be summed up six words

But I thought she liked it that way.

When I hear of russia, I just think of it being really cold.