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What's your stereotype of Russia?

Butters Shikkon

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I always thought it was deserted land witch no one lived in

like canada

Witches live in russia!!! I go all the time to hang with my bottom hoe, Baba Yaga!!


There are masses of car accidents and abandoned Soviet relics. Seriously, watch Twisternederland for a while, you'll soon learn that most Russians have dashcams and manage to catch the most hilarious crashes.


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm


Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
No. I also can't think of anyone who has, or would be stupid enough to try.

Now tigers, let me tell you, that's where it's at. :V
A game biologist name C. Dale Peterson killed a bear after it bitting down on his arm and then the guy bit the bear's jugular with his teeth causing the bear to bleed to death.


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A bunch of bros that are so poor, bored, cold, and drunk that they make laughing in death's face a national pastime, because what else is there to do?
He survived by the way. But notice how the cameraman didn't give a single fuck that his friend probably just died, and was like oh.... I guess I should stop recording now.
Nobody's crazier than a russian.
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I've always appreciated the striking resemblance between the creations of the various Soviet aircraft design bureaus (Tupolev, Antonov, Mikoyan-and-Gurevich, Sukhoi, Yakovlev et al) and those created by Gerry Anderson for TV shows like "Thunderbirds", "Captain Scarlett" and "Joe 90". I'm not sure who inspired who though :)

Here's a question for Commiebat: Are Lada cars still in production in Russia these days? A number of Ladas came out to NZ during the 1908s as trade for meat and wool, but like Skodas from Czechoslovakia they suffered from being the butt of jokes like "How do you double the resale value of a Lada? Fill the fuel tank"...


Hi neighbor! Hope your enjoying your soon to be; short lived sovereignty. I'll make sure to stop by your house and say hello once the time comes.

~warmest regards. :V
You are most welcome. It's not like the Kremlin will allow your people to use e-mail. :V


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Russia is cold. All the time. And Russians deal with the cold by drinking vodka, which acts as anti-freeze.

Russian technology may not necessarily be sophisticated, but it is rugged as hell and responds well to percussive maintenance. The fact that Russian rocket designs dating from the 1950s (e.g. the R-7 launcher currently used for Soyuz) are STILL flying and are as reliable as a wind-up alarm clock is a tremendous testament to good rugged Russian design :)
Yeah, we had a very strong army back then... But we still have some aces in the hole! ;)


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Drunken, violent, wifebeaters. But not my stereotype, just one I have heard a lot.
Those guys who told you that stuff... not always. All countries have this. :p


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Ever since I discovered rutracker.org, Russians have seemed like total bros to me.
AHahaha, yeah, here you can download everything for free and that wouldn't be out of bound of law! :p


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My best friend is a Russian immigrant born in Moscow, so I have a bit of his insight as well. From what I understand it is very cold and the infrastructure is outdated many places, but the Russians certainly know how to have a good time (and can process alcohol like few other nationalities). Moscow is a major cosmopolitan city, but the rest of the country is a bit bland. Oh, and like every single car has a dashboard video system because fraud is a major issue there.

Am I close? :)
Hehe, kinda, you know! :) But some things have changed so far!


Sherlock Chaos
A questionable leadership from Putin and protests from the nashi movement.
Large areas of unspoilt wilderness and geographical interesting places.
A good history of painters artists, scientists like dimitri mendeleev etc
Russian internet memes appear when '.rus' is in a web address.
One of the only countries with launch vehicles that can reach the ISS.
Very, very good! God bless the Queen! ;)