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Whats your weirdest fetish?

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lets see my weirdest fetish? probably vampirism. And before you freak out, no, not the bloodletting part, just being bitten on the neck, in RP then the play goes a little farther than just a neck-bite, but thats always in SL, never IRL. And vamps themselves don't turn me on, just the bite *shrugs* pointy teeth and all...

other then that, uhhhh pffft I dunno probably herms. They are hot ^.=.^


Watching other people wearing those thigh-high leather boots enjoy each other's otherwise-naked company.


King o' the bushy tails
Man, mines pretty tame, I guess I realy like a girls eyes, neck and shoulders. I really don't know why but they fascinate me. Hair is a plus too. *nod*

As far as fetishes go, that's about as wierd as I am... I feel so ashamed for not being wierder in that area. :p


shut up bitch


It's different but it's not particularly weird :[

shota boys I guess.


My fetishes change with life. During the rough parts of my life last year they escalated to things I'd rather not talk about because they scare me. I will admit, cat girls and furries have turned me on it the past though it's once again the sort of thing that changes with life and mood.

My normal, mentally stable self is pretty conservative when it comes to fetishes. As I said in another topic, I like nerdy girls, but other than that I don't have any consistent ones that would really be considered out of the ordinary.


King o' the bushy tails
sgolem said:
I like nerdy girls

Small world, I like nerdy girls too, but I always thought of it as a preference and not a fetish. XD


I guess mine would be my abnormally prominent desire to be dominated....I mean, just gimme a no-pain promise, and I'll give almost any dom a playdate free of charge :p *giggles*


greg-the-fox said:
I used to have a fetish for female urination. :shock: It's disgusting I know, I don't really have it anymore...
Pfft, nothing wrong with watersports. I've been getting into it lately, which sort of makes sense as it actually goes well with a fetish for waterproof gear. I prefer males though

(this reminds me to wonder just how much we can say in this forum. I've said some very explicit things over on Yiffstar but that's par for the course there. FA is meant to be all-ages I think)

Kyrre said:
Watching other people wearing those thigh-high leather boots enjoy each other's otherwise-naked company.
Thighboots are hot. I probably like them better in latex than leather, but they're both fun materials


The collar and leash thing seems to be coming up a fair bit. Maybe it's not as uncommon as I thought

(if you hadn't guessed, I like that shit too)


pissy esoteric


Cthulhu's Sexual Seraphim
sateva9822 said:
Blacknova said:
Fetish hm.. Well, I don't know if being REALLy big on cuddles counts..
Can't beat a good cuddle.. EVER.. Cuddles always.. whenever possible!
Including before, during and after!

Anything can be a fetish, if it makes you super horny.
Hell cream cheese could be a fetish XD

My fetishes hummmmmm... Id have to say BDSM in general I am BIG on the whole dominatrix thing, feet
(I only like have my feet worshiped... I don't like feet in my face... lol kiss mine but I ain't, not, never touchin no ones XD)
Thing that have a forceful nature to it (like rape, feeding, enema, licking, humiliating) Oh and, leather and PVC fetish wears...
OK that's favorite fetishes, I couldn't pick just one:p... Violent vore is damn hot too...
I guess I'm a little twisted:p

You should meet my girlfriend. She's solely responsible for my feminization!!! >_> I cook and clean for her. She's physically taller than me ( I'm 5"6" she's 5"9" ._. ), she gave me " drone" as a pet name ( she's a big Alien fan, and often sees herself as a beloved xenomorph empress ). And she also has enough physical strength to carry me!!!

>_> In fact...she picked me up while I was playing Halo 2 and threw me unto the bed to have a cruel kinky session with her.

I guess it would just.. have to be Furries in general.
Everything else seems normal to me..

Everything a human would do turns me on. Just A LOT more when a furry does it.


The freakin' corsky
I have a major medical fetish. sort of tied into bondage (no pun intended, lol)

Needles, medical exams, tools, blood the whole deal. Being tied down for medical exams is a plus lol.

And that bondagey/latex stereotypical sexy nurse outfit is amazing. I love it.

For some reason that red hospital cross just makes me wild. I have buttons that I made into barrettes of the little medical cross.

I plan on getting a tattoo of it in some variation on my wrist someday :3


Oni said:
My avatar is something which is part of my fetish. ^.^

Now, my primary fetishes aren't this hard to guess simply to the fact I'm signed up here I guess :p


For me it's a competition between diapers and vore x.o

Hey guys let's go swallow some babies whole :D


Next subj... I mean, customer!
Dead-Zero said:
Collars are awsome ^^
idk why but there hot as hell :D

definatly agreed.^^


I'm a littile tied up atm
Hmm...having gel all round my body from the neck down would feel good. My powered armor my fursona wears has gel everywhere but the head for shock absorbption...
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