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What's your zodiac sign?

Kitsune Cross

**** that **** now! Bitch
Chinece zodiac? Wood dog :/ Always bugged me cause I always prefered cats, I also thought wood was pretty lame, but now I'm actually looking higher on wood


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We're adding elements too? Ugh :þ this just keeps getting more muddled.

I'm a Virgo Earth Dragon! V:<

Bow before my dragony awesomeness peons!


Nine-Tailed Kitsune
Capricorn. Like it matters.... Fire Goat (sheep) by Chinese astrology

(sorry, just got fired a few hours ago. still in a spiral)
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Scorpio Metal Goat!! Feel like I should get a tattoo of that.


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Cancer Metal Dragon...
That. Sounds. Amazing.

Butters Shikkon

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Aries Fire Dragon.

Its appropriate.


Mr. Prickles
Cancer Yellow Earth Dragon


Abstract Chimaera
A windy horse ice scorpio, is this Manticore?

Or a Devil's coach horse beetle, heehee.


Gemini, and it's very true that gemini NEED to avoid other gemini. i've never had a lasting friendship with any of them and they ALWAYS crash and burn.
My chinese zodiac is monkey.