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What's your Zodiac?


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Well guess what, I'm a Libra (to those who didn't guess by the avatar) and in the rising sun I'm a... Libra (w00t, am I unique yet? :)) under Saturns influence (you know, introvertic, insensitive an all).
The Dutiful Dog in the Chinese and metal. Even though accidentaly and not in the sense the chinese meant, but how fitting :)
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Renton Whitetail

Friendly Mod
My astrological zodiac sign is Cancer, and my Chinese zodiac sign is the Ox. Much of the traits for each of them seem to make a lot of sense for me.


Celestial Angel Kitty
Proud to be a Leo. >3
Not so proud to be an ox in Chinese Astrology...meh. I like the lion sign better. ^^ Suits me better being a cat fanatic, plus I'm overly prideful and a born leader. At least I like to think I am. Plus I always have to be right. :3


Flying Chupacabra
I'm a Scoprio. :D My Chinese sign is the pig.


Celestial Angel Kitty
Has anyone's Zodiac affected their Fursona/Character at all? Just curious since we're on the topic of Zodiac signs. o.o


Flying Chupacabra
Pish, at least you're not a pig. D:

I make my characters completey different than me, unless I'm making on base do me. o.o When I was younger I made a lot of main characters Scorpios like me... D:


The Commissar
Capricorn! *defies the rule of Aquarius...es....Aquariai? What's the plural of Aquarius people? XD*


has got you in a stranglehold
Sun: Virgo
Rising: Aquarius
Moon: Taurus
I definitely believe astrology holds water especially since mine really fits me.

Chinese Sign: Horse
Native American Sign: Bear


Procrastination is cool~*
Horse in both areas :p... guess that works, because I am an ass :D


I are a capricorn with Aries rising :3
My chinese Zodiac sign is Horse in the hour of the sheep/goat/ram
yaaaay i am my own food :3
*chews on self* nom, sheep :3


A guy with complicated psyche
Traditional - Taurus
Chinese - Serpent


DAS Kitteh

I am actually a sagatarius, and born in the year of the monkey.

*Did anyone get the picture?*