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When and how did you discover you are a furry?


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I discovered the furry world kind of through the anime world.
I had a fansub with some friends around 2004, and we subbed my favorite anime - Digimon. For some years I had been collecting digimon art and, one day, one of my friends from the sub told me that there were this art genre called "furry". I looked it up online and voilà - fell in love with it right away. <3


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Grew up as kid with 80’s cartoons. Loved watching the normal stuff like TMNT, Resuce Rangers, Tail Spin, Duck Tails, Thundercats and the rest. Had a crush on Becky from Tail Spin for a long time. Forget how I discovered it, but the first time I found Anthromorphic Art and was “Holy crap that cool”. Didn’t even know the fandom had a name until 10+ years ago because I always used “anthro” in my searches and never paid attention to what was written on the page. Came out recently as both being a furry and bi. My best friend out here still can’t believe I’m a furry because I break most of the stereotypes.

Also a grew up with 80's cartoons. Dungeons and Dragons and TMNT were my top favorite. I wanted to be Raphael. I could identify most with his character.


Was it this cat?

Omg, Tom was the first anthropomorphic dude I recognised to be somehow attractive xD (I was 4-5yrs old)


My best friend told me that I'm furry :3
(I wasn't active internet-user so I didn't recognize furry stuff or want to admit my 'furryness', lol)
I trusted a secret to her - that I'm really attracted to my own (anthropomorphic) characters and she said - "You're a furry! It's not a big thing, pffh!" It felt like getting know your sexuality, like I'm an auntie from middle ages and some modern age guy tells that being lesbian in nowadays isn't such a disability & abnormal phenomenon. :D


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I accidentally discovered furry yiff a couple of years back on google (and yes, it is possible to accidentally come across it) when i was in high school, and realized that I was semi-attracted to it. And even though I had friends that were furries, i knew that furries had a stigma so I never looked further into it except for occasional photo searches.

Fast forward a couple of years to recently, and I finally did some research into it after a, ahem, not so PG innocent between my fiance and I (hehe awkward).

But anyways, i realized that I've been a closet furry for years. Which works out perfectly since my fiance is also one

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How did you discover you are a furry? or wanna to be?

Was it something you discover by coincidence? I can imagine with the internet it goes much faster.
And how to make sure it's not something that goes away again after a few weeks?
When I was in the gym at my school I heard a couple of kids laughing and giggling over something on a kids phone the kid was always bullied and was awkward I had made friends with him the year before and went over and took him to his class and asked him what they were laughing about he said That it was a picture he had on his phone with him and this one girl who was Really good at art in his room with a whole bunch of drawings on the wall that looked like fan art of some kind and I asked what the drawings were and he said It’s about The furry fandom and such I said what’s a furry? And he retorted Oh mah gawd you don’t even know what a furry is lol so I asked him about it and once I studied it a little more and saw some yiffs and I was really into it honestly a year later I had made my decision and started looking up threads and posts on furries and things alike but I’m a minor only in highschool currently and when I’m older I’m planning on attending furry conventions



I discovered truly furry art, and eventually Furaffinity and the rest of those popular sites, through porn (cringe I know xD) when I was very young, perhaps 12 years of age. However it wasn't until a couple of years later that I properly did some reading on the fandom, realized what it was all about and actually joined the community (forums and social app groups etc...)

Over 13 years later I'm sitting having met my closest friends in the fandom, and while I don't really post or chat much in the groups or forums anymore (I was relentless initially xD) I still feel very much like a furry at heart. My sona and I are now synonymous and the people I've met and know in the fandom keep me connected and collectively this all ensures that I won't be parting ways with the fandom. :p


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When I was a young child, I showed signs of being a furry or therian of sorts. I recall once, when I was about five years old, seeing my occupational therapist, and trying to convince her that the robe tie in my pants was a tail I'd grown overnight. As silly as this was, I think it meant something for me. I felt like I should be more animal or have a tail of sorts. (Even if bonobos don't have tails, hehe.) I've always behaved a bit more animalistically (growling and snarling naturally and instinctively, etc.), and from a young age, I enjoyed drawing furry art...long before I knew it was actually a real thing. When I was fourteen, I joined the therian community, and while I still consider myself some sort of variant of therian, I never quite fit in that community. When I was 18, I learned more about furry and what it was as well as how it differed from therianthropy. I attended my first furry convention when I was 19. Soon after, I began to consider myself both a furry and a therian.

Now I'm active in both communities, but mostly in the furry community. I see furry and therianthropy as very similar. As one friend once put it, "It's just Trekkies versus Trekkers. One community is a bit too serious, and the other is a little more lighthearted about it, but it's the same thing." I had initially argued that they were two very different communities, but the more I immerse myself in furry, I realize that our connections to our fursonas are often just as deeply set and ingrained, as a therian's connection to their theriotype.

So, if this was a bit too long to read, "tl;dr": I was always very animal, and found therianthropy first, and then branched out into furry.


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How did you discover you are a furry? or wanna to be?

Was it something you discover by coincidence? I can imagine with the internet it goes much faster.
And how to make sure it's not something that goes away again after a few weeks?
I just found out I was a furry yesterday lol. I was just browsing internet and stuff and I found a video about furries and I because I was bored, I decided to watch it cuz why not. Then, I saw how amazing they were, so then I joined the community. There are really nice people that correspond perfectly to my personality !


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I discovered furry way back in 1997 on a site called Yerf and i liked Disney's Robinhood. I saw Zootopia recently and i like those fursuits and the furry art.


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Guess I was always a furry :v hahahaha
I would only watch Animal Planet and a few other cartoons with animals most of my childhood, when I started drawing at 8 I drew mostly feral furries. BUT I discovered furries were a thing one year later
And from there things just went down hill


Toriel from undertale. Something about when you call her and she's so motherly and protective to you. Immediately after saving went and looked up nude images of her and I've slowly been discovering my furry attractions since.

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Sexually repressed Christian youth looking for porn that wouldn't break any Biblical laws because it wasn't real or human. Thank you Christianity for turning me into a furry XD


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Sexually repressed Christian youth looking for porn that wouldn't break any Biblical laws because it wasn't real or human. Thank you Christianity for turning me into a furry XD
Ovi Rules :D
BTW Can i have a question? If i think i am not fury, but i have fursuit, am i fury or not? :)


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I discovered I was a furry back when I was 14 and researching things to draw back when I still could. I came across some furry art and loved it.


Commercial furries - www.2foxes.eu
Find a local sports team to dance around in front of :cool:
no need, we have local private parties, where we are dancing :cool:, but still it doesnt mean we are furries, just a dancers in fursuit. You see, i wonder about the borders of "to be a furry";)


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About 3 years ago.. Ran across a few Fursuiter's in Portland, and the suit where amazing! So I started doing my research! YouTube helped there! I started watching videos of Fur Cons and how much fun everyone was having.. It also ran an emotion over me of how much fun everything looked.. Something different, and a way to be goofy and lighthearted! I have a ton of inner fun, goofiness and general kid at heart.. Everyone was expressing this, as far as I could see, so I was hooked! I wanted to join in the fun!
Zootopia, and things alike didn't help! haha! Plus.. some of the artwork people draw is amazing!

It seems this fandom is a lot more accepting of others and friendly then a lot of other fandoms... :)


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Sometime in the late 90's. I'd been drawing furry comics and art since I was ten, and writing feral and were stories since I was twelve. To me they were just 'animal people.' Fast forward to when I was 17/18, and I gained access to the internet and discovered there was a whole fandom of people who drew the same type of things and wrote the same type of stories. I found Fur Nation, VCL, and the Furry Ring, and realized that's exactly what I was- a furry! My first 'sona was a wolf that I'd had for many years, then a fox, and finally a jaguar. Needless to say, I've been in the fandom for twenty years and I'm still here!


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I was seeded at a young age, Disney and the like (damn Roxanne). Always played some sort of anthro in dnd growing up. Most recently got sucked into ifunny, and found myself subbing to fur hashtags and users. That's when I realized it was for me.


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Thanks everyone for your replies. I already see some resemblances with my start . :

When I say Dungeons & Dragons was for me the start into anthro characters in cartoons, makes me that old ? Is there a maximum age for becoming a furry?
As for the cartoon Dungeons & Dragons: I was far more interested in the Dragons etc.. then the human characters.
I didn't realized I was furry till 31.

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Let's not talk how I've discovered furry fandom... But it was something some thinking "Am I a furry" and denying the fact for two years, I've finlly said "I'm a furry"