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When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

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I trace it back to when I was 10, watching Tiny Toon Adventures, and found Babs Bunny hot.

Just didn't know about furries as a community until I was 19...


Jack said:
I have actually always acted somewhat animal like.

same goes for me as well!

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Wait Wait

Pseverse rychology
Jonnaius said:
Rainbowshaven said:
Also, as I understand it, I made lots and lots of animals noises as a small child. o_O My kindergarten teacher told my mom it was okay though--Apparently it was a sign of social-ness. XPXPXP

I made loads of animal noises too. My parents thought i was crazy. Still do, as a matter of fact (but now i agree with them! :p) Also, i got attacked a while ago, and bit the person attacking me! I didnt realise what i was doing until i had been clamped to his hand for nearly 5 mins! It was awesome, everyone was just like "?" and i just hid under my table for the rest of the lesson!

you bit his hand for five minutes?

in class?!


Well, I've always acted with similar traits, loved the art, (Walking up stairs on four legs, sleeping in a ball, shaking to dry, ect.) but it was VG cats that started it all. I was reading the F.A.Q.'s and I came across the question: " Ewww Furry " And I didn't know what that meant, I also had a friend on Gaia who says that he's a Furry, so I wikipedied it. It's only about a month ago I realized that I was one, and thats mainly because of the following: " Fur Affinity, Hell Hath no Furries, The Furry War on Youtube, and Fur Friends, the group of that made me realized I am one, so, I guess that kind've answers your question. ~Grey


when my sis and i found out about furry fandom we were like "OMG! this fits us perfectly!"
this furry stuff is fun :)
i mean we always role-played kritters as kids (mom would yell at us to stop barking)
at halloween we were always an animal
we love animals
we love art
we were already really into athro art
so yeah when we found furry fandom we snggled ourselves right in.


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Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I knew I was a furry. I just never realized until recently that there was a name for it. I've always felt animal-like...as much as my mom dislikes furries, I know she's one too ^___^


I loved Diseny a whole buch blah blah blah then I heard about this group of people called furries who get made fun of and stuff on the internet and saw massive hate articles and youtube videos then I said "hmmm whats so weird about them?" Then did some research and GOOGLE images
Now im a furry =3


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It's fascinating to read this thread, as I'm still waffling over whether or not I'm a furry... My story is much the same as others'. I have always drawn dogs, foxes, wolves, frogs, and all manner of other animals. My friends have looked over my shoulder as I am doing homework and said, "you always draw dogs like that, don't you" and so on. When I was younger I loved books like Watership Down and Tailchaser's Song, I drew out complicated stories involving dog characters, always dressed up like an animal for Halloween, and constantly played games with my friends where we pretended to be animals up until my teenage years. I like to imagine myself as a dog, and animals have always been important to my identity. What kept me away from furry for so long was the anthro thing- It took me a long time to warm up to anthros, as I prefer animals which look like animals. After joining DeviantArt and seeing good anthro art, though, I now enjoy it. Actually, my friends and I used to make fun of furries... After my dogs died I realized just how important they were to my life, and how central animals were to my identity. I thought hey, why not do a Google search and find out a little more about this mysterious furry thing with the horrible stigma attached to it, maybe these people are like me... Then I found FA... And I found a community centered around creative expression and identification with animals, which is pretty cool. So I suppose that might just make me a furry.


bang your head.
Since I was nine I have loved animals and had tons of plushies at 10 I was looking for a wolf background and a website called wiki fur and I read the description and it sounded more and more like me every minute and thats when I found out that I was a furry.


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Wait Wait said:
you bit his hand for five minutes?

in class?!

pretty much, yeah. The teacher was marking some work, and she doesnt look up when she's doing that. I didnt realise it was 5 minutes until someone said "we've only got 10 minutes left of the lesson, now". so i let go. The teacher hadnt realised I'd dissapeared under the table, either. The kid I bit couldnt write with his hand for the rest of the day! He deserved it, though. Honest.


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well done
. I've never been able to go past a minute without someone noticing

Wait Wait

Pseverse rychology
Jonnaius said:
Wait Wait said:
you bit his hand for five minutes?

in class?!

pretty much, yeah. The teacher was marking some work, and she doesnt look up when she's doing that. I didnt realise it was 5 minutes until someone said "we've only got 10 minutes left of the lesson, now". so i let go. The teacher hadnt realised I'd dissapeared under the table, either. The kid I bit couldnt write with his hand for the rest of the day! He deserved it, though. Honest.

he didn't make any noise

no one tried to stop you

what the–


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Well, I got an FA account last year during the DigiArtistsDomain Request-A-Mon chat, and that's around the same time I learned what furry was, but I've always stared at animals and anthros when I saw them in movies or ads as a kid, and would think about myself looking like that. It was a yiff picture of Bowser and Flamedramon, found on Anthrosaur's site, by CyberGecko that hooked me, though.


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Well growing up obviously there were TONS of anthro shows so that kinda helped. Also, I'm a softy for animals, can't help it=/

I found furry after searching the term on the internets and found sites such as this.


Grim's Delicate Flower
I found a Furry-porn game on Newgrounds.
So I played it, and it was like:"Weee! This is awesome!"
The describtion of the game said something like: "Something for all you Furries"
I didn't know what a Furry is...so I looked it up and found the Fandom.
That was round about 6 months ago. And now I'm very happy to be a Furry.


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High tail I think it was xD
Theres a ver 2 of it now Wolf xD
I think I discovered through old interweb pr0nz.
And in games like flyff i used to dress up in the kitty ears.
I thought it was cute.
Then it just lead on and on :D


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Well, my favourite disney film when I was little was always Robin Hood, and it's still the only one I'll admit to liking, so there's always been indicators...
Anyway, a few years ago I discovered DeviantArt which was my first real exposure to furry art. My initial response was "Hmmm... well thats odd..." (in a good way mind). As time went on, I got into Second Life, my impression changed to "hey, this is ok". About a year ago I started to use DevArt for my own graphics design work, and I trawled trhough the Anthro gallery, thinking "Heh, this is kinda cool..." then it clicked that I was a furry, and I've been relatively happier ever since.


i'm not a big fan of the phrase "realizing i was a furry" because that makes anyone sound like an aspie (no offense intended), but i'll just take it as "learning i really like anthropomorphic animals" like an insecure jerk :)

in elementary school, my friends and i made up and drew our own characters, sometimes making comics with them interacting. i had a werewolf like guy with jedi-like powers who kicked butt. i named him lupercaleb, and that name stuck, haha..

i kept the character for a long time, and then eventually, i came across the VCL archive in my impressionable years. check-mated ]:


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I have a friend on AIM who one day sent me a piece of Furry artwork. I hadnt seen anything like it before and i was quite curious so i started asking him about it etc and in no time at all i had been converted to Furrydom ^_^.


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I've always been curious and open minded to pretty much anything, looked at yiff in the past but never thought much of the other side to the fandom until I was invited into a conversation on MSN where I met a guy who showed me a couple youtube videos AC07 and such, havn't looked back - Definatley wouldn't have it any other way.


hmm maybe about jan 2007,Well I really like animals (specially wolves) and kinda anime-ish art ,and thought why not put both together and there BAM!! got hooked and realized it was furry
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