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When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

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Dave Tianlong

Well, I don't fully remember because I've always been dangeriously furry (or scalie in my case), but I think it has something to do with my first girlfriend, before I realized I was gay. She was like some kind of furry mentor for me before I hooked up with her, and she taught me lots of stuff, everything from whatever the hell a furry is to the wonders of yiff.

She did a lot for me indeed, but we had to break up because both of us were being pricks to eachother. And I was a little TOO obsessed over yiffing after being introduced to it. And she was a bisexual who preferred girls. >_>

But I turned gay myself, so it's alright. She might've been cruel to me, but I'll always be grateful for what she did. :3

All these events too place in 2005, BTW, so I've been in the fandom for 3 years. Never really started to show my face in the fandom before a year and a half ago, though. And not even then I was very known, I've only started browsing all the furry sites I can come across last year.
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I just ate a grape, and I...
I realized early April, Well it April, So this month :p
I think it was accualy while I was baby sitting, My neice was watching Little Bear :O
You know that show with Franklen the turtle.
After that she wanted to watch more, I found a movie :D Well a DVD with a few episodes
Its not like I didnt like furry befor, But I accualy seriously noticed it that day,When I got home I started to look around DA,(Ive had my DA for over a year and didnt do ONE THING! Untill like the 15th, And all I did was favorite a few things)

I stumbled across Fur Afinity by DaGras, But I cant find that name here, Ill ask for hers on DA.

Ive been trying to find a good show with furrys, Like not a little kids show, Somthing like Better Days by Jay Naylor, But not a comic ",


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Who said ive realized anything :3 *pouts lips and makes kissy motions* I am a person who loves to live in denial.. just like my manscapades x.x dont tell the ladies about that, especially the ones who want to take you to yaoi con just to see you get molestered.


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I was browsing through DeviantArt one day and I came across an anthro sheep. I thought it was kinda hot. I soon forgot about it, however.

Then last week I got bored, and started looking up random topics on the internet. I soon came across some more anthro art and and a reference to Furries. I did some more digging, found an ass load of yiff, and finally came across FA.

I've allways found talking animals cute, but I didn't really know about the whole fandom thing untill recently. It wasn't untill today that I actually admited it to myself, I am a Furry.


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Emperor, I love hearing these stories...

It was back in the 9th grade. I came home from school, and everyone was gone, so I decided to have a little fun on the internet, 'if ya know what I mean'. And before you know it, I ran into some Krystal 'fanart.' And boy, was I freaked out for the next week.

I remember thinking that, if a girl offered to have sex with me, I wouldn't oblige, because she wasn't a, erm, vixen. I had all sorts of weird ass (well, probably not weird at this point, or to anyone on this forum) fantasies...and I figured I must have been the only one on the planet who had this obsession with fox anthros...well, and the people that did the fanart, but that's besides the point.

Then the suppression came. I remember just browsing through this one forum I frequented, and came across a topic about furries (I had no idea they were called that, or that there were more people like me). So naturally, I clicked on it, and learned what it truly was that I was so obsessed with. Of course, everyone on the said topic was saying how much they fucking hated 'those damned furries'.

So, basing my life off of what a few random d00ds on teh intarwebz thought, I decided I would try to suppress these feelings. For the next two years, I almost always brought up the topic of furries, and how much I hated them. I didn't want people to realize the truth.

Eventually, I gave up. A few months ago, in fact. I figured, being bitter all the time probably wasn't doing me much good, so it was at that point, I decided to wear my tail to school (I don't anymore, though. Fucking Bro Kids kept tearing it off). I just didn't care anymore. And, quite frankly, I guess all my friends didn't really think any less of me. Well, some of them did, but they're a bunch of fuckheads.

I don't want my family finding out, though. My dad is...from the old world, shall we say...


I just ate a grape, and I...
It was back in the 9th grade. I came home from school, and everyone was gone, so I decided to have a little fun on the internet, 'if ya know what I mean'. And before you know it, I ran into some Krystal 'fanart.' And boy, was I freaked out for the next week.

Lawl Pandaf knows what you mean :p

I never like Krystal Fan art, Probably cause she wasnt in Star Fox 64 (fun game :D) Or Slippy :mad:


I was a thereian first around 9th grade :p .... decided hangin out with furs = fun so yeah ....


My story has the roots and the catalyst. The roots to me getting into furry fandomm as I see it now, lies in Disneys Robin Hood, Starfox and Oliver and company. Now these somewhat laid dormant in me for a long time, untill a few months ago when browsing /b/ and found this.

This was the catalyst. Sometime after I saw that. I saved it in my pictures folder and would sometimes just randomly pull it up and look at it. Then on a wednesday after my guitar lessons, I went to fchan /c/ board and starting building up a furry art folder on my computer. After saving a few pictures I realized that I like this...I was a furry. Now during this time I was a member of a community that was(and still is) furry hostile. I had been slipping away from the community for some time, but at a slow rate. After they found out I was a furry (I typed in the wrong chat that I was a furry) hate soon followed. And well, the rest you guys can make it out on your own. I joined FA, made a profile and got into the fandom.

As I see myself as furry, I see myself as a casual one. The one who looks around for art, reads the comics and RP's from time to time. I would like to start my own webcomic (preferably with someone else, who can draw^^), but with my art skills it would look like a cheap knock-off of XKCD.


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Awww Ishnuvalok:(

Oh well. Anyone who has found out I'm furry online just goes really? Oh. And then they just don't care or ask about it=/

Helps knowing them awhile, then their first impression is based off you and not just stereotypes^.^


Mine is much more recent I guess. I've heard of furries for a long time, with much negativity towards them, and I must say at times it seemed very odd and sometimes made fun of it. *SORRY, ducks down begging* A year ago I started submitting art into Deviantart.com, and would sometimes browse some art. I was into art at a very young age. I came across some of Jennifer Elwood's very attractive pieces of furry art. I instantly faved those and would go back to them, alot. :p I soon got the idea of trying it myself, and soon got into the fascination of drawing more and more furry related artwork. I always had a deepseeded love of natures and animals, I'm very much a tree-hugger and I love pets. Well sure enough I found a link to this site. I instantly fell in love and can't get enough of it. I love the plethora of original art, depicting nature, animals, and some lustful interests as well.(to be honest) So now I consider myself a furry, but no one else really knows except you all. Maybe I'll have enough courage to let some of my closest friends knows, and some of them are pretty unique themselves so it would probably be ok. Sorry for being so long, but I'm just letting it all out...:p


Awww Ishnuvalok:(

Oh well. Anyone who has found out I'm furry online just goes really? Oh. And then they just don't care or ask about it=/

Helps knowing them awhile, then their first impression is based off you and not just stereotypes^.^

You know the "me getting turned on by the community" would go great with some art showing me all pointed out and hated with "A tout le monde" in the backround...but thats a bit overkill ^^.
I was a thereian first around 9th grade :p .... decided hangin out with furs = fun so yeah ....

Since 8th grade-ish myself. Though it was catalyzed by the fandom, I always had a connection with cats, but the spark never really ignited until I found the fandom. So to me my therianthropy and Furry-ness are intimately connected


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(*ahem* directly copy-pasted from a thread i tried to start that was basically the same as this one ¬_¬)


As for me, I've felt a sort of closeness to wolves since I was a kid (I remember reading stuff like White Fang when I was very young, and wanting to form a 'pack' with my friends lol)... and then I sorta forgot about it for years, until very recently when my interest in it became re-kindled...

(ps please excuse me if i'm using stupid terminology for everything >.< )


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I always, even as a kid, saw some of the anthropomorphic characters on TV as a type of hypermasculinized human being. I always watched only the cartoon shows with only anthro characters in them. It wasn't the fact they were cartoony that turned me on, so much as it was the fact they were anthro.

Then I found furry. People who make their own anthro characters and imagined they were them. I enjoyed many of these characters much more than I liked the mainstream cartoon ones. Some of the makers of these characters even attempted to work toward attaining their character's image in real life. I can respect that -- only get one chance to live and become what you truly feel or attain what you desire.
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Well when I was young (can't remember how young) I realized that I like animals more then most people, and one day while reading stories on google groups I found a link to yiffstar.com, and decided that I was one of the furry community.



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Hm.. well, if you're gonna read this, I suppose you should settle in for story time.

I live in a rather...stressful.. environment. (One of my parents is very... um... angry and the other is on the other side of the planet for about half the year. Completely understandable, but it doesn't change the result.)

I was a really violent kid, and I've had basic combat training (Grampa tied an old knife to a broom handle and said "Here. Go play.") and some survival training and at some point, I realized that not only are most humans bigoted, egotistical, and incapable of objectivity, because of their species, they are also physically pathetic. Can't run, no fangs, no claws, no fur, no pawpads, little olefactory sense. Absolutely pathetic. At that point, not being killed was a pretty big priority, so in order to convince myself that I could withstand my environment (something which seemed pretty impossible), I started to believe that I wasn't human. Instead, I wanted to be a wolf. A wolf is social, but it's also very stoic. It upholds obligation to the pack the way I was expected to serve and obey my family, but it can also defend itself. It runs fast, has teeth, and it's smart. Furthermore, a wolf is stronger, smarter, and deadlier than a dog. I suppose that instead of really believing myself a wolf, I wanted to be the wolf version of what all the other human kids were, the better, wilder version.

I make full use of my sense of smell. As limited as it is, you can still get a lot of information if you pay attention instead of just separating the smells into 'bad' and 'good'. I started walking digitigrade and to this day, I have no idea why more people don't do it. It's physically possible, and my balance is a lot better for it, although I still wish I had a tail to even things out. I've been like this since I was 6 or so, and by now I'm instinctively on my toes when I'm sparring or playing DDR. I can't do it flatfooted. I'm lucky I have strong teeth because I started carrying things in my mouth and biting things to cut them. I figured out how my body relates to a canine body, so I'd be mobile on all fours. I spent summer vacation racing around the backyard harnessed to a sled and as many weights as I could find (sometimes other kids) and now I can walk, trot, pace, and gallop without much difficulty, although I never figured out how to canter. Thinking that I was a wolf made me quite strong, I think. I wanted to test myself, prove myself more durable than everyone else, since I had to meet expectations that were stricter than everyone else. If I was normal, I wouldn't have been able to do it. (Of course, I've since realized that the intelligence distribution is about the same in every species that hasn't been domesticated. Smart people are normal too, there's just a lot less of them. The same logic can be applied to gay people.)

Let's go back to the first sentence. I was a really violent kid with combat training and survival training. I also thought I was a wolf. Unarmed wolves are many times deadlier than unarmed humans. This was bad. First, I had no empathy for things that I did not consider members of my own species (this has since been altered to "people who are not at my level of functioning"). I wasn't afraid to kill, except that I'd get in a lot of trouble at home and Mr. Alpha Wolf (the teacher) wouldn't be very happy with me. Second, wolflike play is a lot more conducive to combat skills than human play. All that shuffling around on all fours, plus being digitigrade meant I had good footwork and I could wrestle. I knew how to use all of my limbs. Third, I had teeth. I had teeth and I wasn't afraid to use them. Teeth, as you probably know, are much more effective than punches. You don't have to hit a weak spot to draw blood. In fact, you can tear into someone's leg about as easily as you can eat a chicken drum. Blood usually scares the other kid, which means that I won. I seriously injured two kids (and then went home and got seriously injured until I figured out not to draw blood). To compound the problem, I read White Fang. After that, my goal switched to becoming an efficient and resilient fighting animal, and I figured being a wolf was the way to go with that. I suppose it doesn't help that the other kids would bait me because I was weird and violent, and I'd lock my neck forwards, snarl and bare my teeth, and they never got the message.

At that point, I wasn't really a furry at all. I suppose you could say I became wolf out of necessity, but I was definitely quad. In 6th grade, I lost my depth perception, discovered that I could draw, and realized how important my hands are. In 8th grade, I discovered anime and adopted the persona of a black 4 tailed fox (Still quad). A fox demon isn't very strong in the beginning, but it will grow. If it can stay alive for long enough, it will become one of the most powerful forces in mythology, powerful enough to rival dragon-gods. I suppose the idea was "You can hunt me and hurt me now and I'll wait. When I'm stronger I'll be able to annihilate you." directed, again, at the ...angry... parent. In 10th grade I discovered DA, and anthromorphism. It became my superhuman ideal, all the strength of a wolf, but with hands to continue my craft.

Home environment got crappier and more violent. I studied psychology and concluded that it's my fault because raising me is what made my parent crazy, but it's the parent's fault, because they very carefully planned my birth, life, and future income. (Yes, I am an investment. Unfortunately, I was born completely healthy and two months early, which means instead of being born right after graduation, I was born during final thesis paper-writing. Not good.) So its their fault I exist. Since the environment was so unstable, I became unstable, a shapeshifter. That's what I am now, without set gender, temperament, likes or dislikes beyond the general survival seeking tendancies of any mammal. I don't know if I'm furry, but what I know for sure is that I'm definitely not human. I'm not that weak, but I sometimes find it beneficial to pretend to be. As for form, the closest I can come is a wolf-dragon. Massive, powerful quad with thick fur, big fangs, antlers, and most importantly, hands. His paws are the perfect constructional blend of weight-bearing paw and dexterous hand, with foldable palm and an opposable thumb that is kept tucked away while running. I am not just a blend of traits, I have good original biological design. At the same time, my other type of likable personality needs to be accounted for, so I have a pet personality, a humanoid, small, cute, female thing with lots of optimism and little philosophical ability. To the rest of the world, it looks like she's in control because she's the human, but no. Big powerful Wolvendragon is the brains of the operation.

And there you have it. Complex menagerie of survival mechanisms = dynamic gloop of nothingness. Sometimes, I curse what I've become, but the rest of the time, I love the power rush. (Granted, I am an egotistical jerk, but I'm good at pretending I'm not.)


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Wow, honestly It's been a long time since I knew. As pathetic and cliché as it sounds, it was thanks to Pokémon to make me realise I was a furry. My first real orgasm that I knew about was over Charmander... I think it was after that when I became very aroused by it. I didn't have an internet connection then and it had to of been a few years later until I discovered the furry fandom.


I'm pretty sure I've always been a furry, but it was only recently that I came to realize it wasn't all about the stereotypes, which I had always heard from people I knew. Then I met a girl who was a furry, and she kind of showed me the truth behind it, and since then, I've really found a place among the community. I embrace it and educate others. I've just always loved animals, always loved drawing animals more than people, and have always like the more anthromorphic races in movies and games.


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About 2 weeks ago I finally labelled myself a furry, even though I was already externally by other people a furry. Before that I was just a furry fan and had great affinity for furs.


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When: About around the age of 10 -- I was role playing as a black Jackal in this fictional environment called Rhy'Din (an AOL People Connections RP). I didn't know about furries in general until about around the age of 14, when my sister stumbled upon the Fandom and started toating me out to local meets.

How: When I was RP'ing as an animal more then a human. XD
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