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When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

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Ah, I found therianthrophy first, but I knew I'd only be fooling myself to flat out claim that I was a therian. Then I had some 'random' flaming and targeting during an odd time on a community when... everyone got admin powers(and it took weeks to fix x_x;) and someone mentioned that it could've been someone not liking furries, and hence going after me... I was confused and dropped it for awhile. Eventually realised that furry was my happy little niche!

But really, I've been attracted to furry related things all through life(Not some of the more... risque things, though =p) and I was practically destined to stumble on it someday!


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There was no definitive point in which I had a light bulb turn on above my head and have the urge to yell "Eureka!" It was probably when I went into the active search for anthro related art work and was exposed to the Bernal bunnies, when he had his free site(talk about old school), and then the role-playing and all coming together with going to my first convention.


From an early age, I would read the Redwall novels nonstop. (I still have a complete collection). Almost all of the books I read involved animals, and I used to fantasize about being one.Now, I was one of those people who thought 'furry' meant 'zoophiliac' (sorry guys). Then about a month ago, on another forum, I stumbled across a link to Wikifur.com. I realized that perhaps furry didn't mean what I thought, and looked further into it. I realised that this pretty much was me, started looking at some art, reading stories, then about 2 days ago I stumbled across this place. That is the story of my furryness up till now.


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Well, it was probably a big hint that I was obsessed with drawing half-human half-animals starting when I was in the third grade.

I didn't -really- realize it until a few months ago when I sat up mid-secks and told my boyfriend that if we were furries, we'd be doing it in the grass outside. ... Then we went and did it in the grass outside.


I've always liked cartoons and stuff, so it's what attracted me to join FA, though I don't consider myself a furry. I don't like furry porn :\ unless it's comedic, and I don't have a fursona, really. Just like the art.


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when i was REALLY little like preschool i acted like a dog alot ( i mean barking and on all 4's in class at times ) not sure if thats cause i was a spactic child or not though
ive aways like games and stuff with animlas in it
sonic starfox banjo kazooie and so on
ive always been ever since i know of in to anthro and such and a bit later in to yiff once i found out what it was
recently i felt diffrent something changed
so i began looking at animals in wikipedia and the porcupine sorta stood out among the pack so to speak


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Hack still questioning if you really are a furry XD


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Let's see, I think my fascination with Anthros in particular started in the late 80's early 90's. The time when Rescue Rangers and Tailspin were on t.v. I didn't actually discover yiff till about 2-3 years ago while searching for kick ass wallpapers. It was at that time that I figured out that I had a thing for furries, but I didn't know I was one until about a month ago when I found FA.


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I found the elustrious Jeremy Bernal.

I was browsing an old hentai forum, and it was absolutely free content of any kind of hentai you could want. Great community, requests accepted. Large database. Came across a thread that said "furry yiff" on it, clicked it out of curiosity, and saw Bernals amazing artwork. Everything sort of evolved after many episodes after that. Been in the fandom for around a year and a half, now.
I've always like Bugs Bunny and other cartoon animals but it took a picture of Dinosaucers splashing each other and I did a search for Anthropromorphism and behold I found the Furry community.
well....i am an macro and....oh i better not say it :/

you will take me as an wierd freak then :(


4 weeks ago actually i was on another forum in ventrilo and my friend gave me a link to um well...X rated materials...I didn't think much of it at the time as a matter of fact i was disgusted till a few days later i lightned up to that fact and began my search i quickly ran into Teiran and his stories starting reading them then went to a fur site joined and it quickly spiraled into about 4 different sites and i guess thats where i am today...hehe.


Ok so I grew up in the middle of no where and for a long time my best friend was a big german shepherd. I allways wanted to be a dog no bathing no chores no home work all of that jazz. A combination of that and the endless hours of rescue rangers tale spin and all the other cartoons I watched, programed me into thinking being an animal would be awsome. Fast forward to 14 years old. My parents finally get the internet and I somehow stumble on the temple of luna the rest is history.


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I suppose I was kind of born a furry. My family and friends were all animal lovers and throughout my childhood I have been surrounded by pets of all sorts. I was fascinated by animals at an early age, especially the concept of talking animals. I was very into things like tamagotchis, pokemon, digimon, etc. I would have crushes on cartoon animal characters like stan from hamtaro (ughhh) and felix the cat, just as examples. fast forward a little into the future, in later elementary school I discovered anime and I started drawing in an anime style. I became really obsessed with catgirls and would draw lots of characters with animal ears and tails. Later I discovered an anime called Wolf's Rain, which sparked my interest in wolves and in the concept of animals having a human form. I became very interested in wolves and would often dream or fantasize about being a wolf, I would often compare my behavior to that of a wolf and I would get really happy if anyone else did as well. My wolf obsession remained throughout middle school. I was also very interested in comparing people I knew to animals and wondering that if reincarnation was real, which animal were they in a past life? To sound even furrier, I would roleplay with my friend and we'd always roleplay as animals, pokemon or neopets. Meanwhile I continued drawing and writing about animals with human characteristics and vice-versa. Once I even put my arm into a fluffy scarf and thought "wow, wouldn't it be cool to make this into a full-body suit and look like a cat or something?". Yes, I seemed to be a furry without even realizing it.

Eventually I discovered the Furry fandom through an episode of CSI. At first it really freaked me out (as those of you who have seen it know, that CSI episode does not make furries look very appealing, also when I was little I had a fear of mascot outfits). My mom and I would joke around about how disgusting furries were, and I became a big furry-basher. One day, however, I was on a virtual pet website and noticed that there were a lot of people who had "fursonas". I thought that this was a really cool concept so I looked it up and found out that it was connected to the furry fandom. As far as I had known, furries were nothing but 'pervs into beastiality and sex in animal suits'. But then I realized that maybe there was more to it than that, and I was judging it unfairly. Giving it a second try, I decided to look up furries on google and I spent a good few hours reading through wikifur to see what the furry fandom was really all about. Then I discovered yiff. It completely freaked me out at first and for a while furries remained in my "avoid like the plague" category. But deep down inside, part of me was still interested. So I looked again at some furry websites and videos on youtube, looked at some furry art (including yiff), and read some furry webcomics (good cheese, better days, DMFA, blackblood alliance, etc). Suddenly my views were beginning to change, and my interest in furries sparked. I started drawing more anthro art and started brainstorming ideas for a fursona.

Finally I accepted my identity as a furry, and now here I am, posting my long boring story here on fur affinity. What a world!


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When I was 14 (20+ years ago, yikes), a friend of mine (with far more artistic talent than I could hope to have) doodled a dragon, and I found I couldn't get the drawing out of my mind. Since then, I started to collect dragon-related stuff. I don't know when I first heard the term "furry" but by then, I already knew I was one.


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When I first started to read JACK webcomic. I found out the they had forums and I registered and it went on from there. In December 2007 I became a furry. I just really liked the artwork.


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started as pretty much a zoo, then i found the furry art, i loved the artwork and got more and more involved in the fandom, now im an UBER fur, been one since 2005 :3


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I was a fan of the artwork long before I knew what a furry was, or more appropriately a scaly ^.=.^ I'd seen quite a bit of clean stuff in the online community (or edited versions of Fluke's work in particular, I love his couples portraits) I was a part of and felt right at home with the idea. Slowly I learned of the various websites dedicated to the furry fandome and have enjoyed several of them very much (fchan anyone?) Now finally I've just begun contributing to the furry community via my artwork, though no yiff just yet.


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My whole family loves animals. I grew up watching movies like the animal version Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, and such. Then, I saw a non yiff pic of a anthro and drew some of my own, not knowing anything about the fandom, I didn't even know what a fursona or what furry was.

Then one day when I was as bored as hell, I thought back to that word "fursona". I searched google to find out what it meant. Poor me ended up viewing one of those "Yiff in Hell Furfags" websites, that was making a huge fuss about the fandom. I found out what fursona meant and took alittle offence to the website, that's when I first realized my furrism.


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I am not entirely sure, but I do recall that all the fantasy characters I had childhood obsessions with were furry, and also realized that I had the same 'arousing' feelings/actions as I do now with furries. I had a very large period of time where I was obsessed with a certain furry character in 5th grade. That was pretty much how things went for my first several years.

About a year later from that was when I began to get into anime/manga, which drew me more into the concept of talking animals an such. But it was at the end of my 8th grade year when I started getting more aroused to specific furry characters, yet I still did not know exactly why I was feeling this way (I honestly didn't think much of it thought). By the time I already had a few characters that I was attracted to, that was when I started to draw them - Starting with others creations and then onto my own after I had gotten better at it. It was about 2 years ago when I finally found out about the term 'furry' and the fandom behind it. By then, I had developed a strong bond with my interest, and shortly afterwards was when I first joined the fandom.

So, thats it in a nutshell.


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Artists Karabiner and Greenmonkey, back on the old VCL site. I was making a anthro-like character for yaoi rpgs and came across vcl. I eventually discovered the whole furry fandom.


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well....i am an macro and....oh i better not say it :/

you will take me as an wierd freak then :(

Unlikely. Even if you tell us you're into scat or something really extreme like that I don't think anyone will mind unless you start waving it around all time, which I doubt you would.

You can open up if you want to, the risk is insignificant over here.
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