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When and how did you first realise you where a furry?

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Well, you can time your yiff sessions to see which kinds average faster, thats how I found my preference. As for me I was having a debate with myself about which animal I liked best, and at the time I was watching FOX news. I then decided that the fox was my favorite. Later, I looked it up and a foxfire is an erratic flame, thinking I was original I added an extra x to it and lo and behold, I found Foxxfire's gallery. (Great site) This rediscovered my love of animals and therefore found myself engrossed in the Fandom.
Well, it all started on 4chan, three years ago, when I was 13ish. Maybe younger, I dunno.
Well, I was fappin' to yaoi, yes, yes, a youngin' and all that, I just hit puberty early-ish, and I was like, hey sweet, that guys half cat-
wait, what?
why's everyone flaming the guy who posted this?
what on earth is a "fur-fag?" not to mention this, this "yiff?" they're speaking of!
Then it all came collapsing down around me and I realized that I fit the bill for being a furry. I didn't make an account here until a couple weeks ago, though.


I liked "cartoon animals" for as long as I remember myself, so I don't think there was really any point of "realisation".

The moment I realised I fall in furry category was the first time I tripped upon one of the artists on VCL.

Midi Bear

I first realized half a year ago now, when a friend of mine said somebody's youtube got hacked and fucked up because the hacker thought she was a furry. So I decided to find out what all this furry stuff was and found that I am one. And I don't mean like "Hey, that seems kinda cool, I think I'll be a furry". It was more like "Holy hell.. I didn't know other people were like this! Looks like I'm one of these..".

So yeah, february is around the time I realized.


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well i always liked animals and antho, but when i was 13 i was clicking on games on Newgrounds and it said in a reply to it that it was a furry game and not knowing what a furry was at that point i googled it and i said " wow this looks cool" and now im a furry
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Any early animated 90s show/movie and so on with talking animals, and StarFox were partially to blame, but all my life, I always wondered why I wasn't born as an animal and had a tail. A bit of a spiritual thing maybe, but I won't get into that now. :p

I heard the term "furry" online when I was 11, but had created my mewtwo fancharacter at the time and wasn't too interested. In my freshman year of high school, at 14 there was a unique guy I saw, and he was a furry artist. "Okay, now I'm interested." Created my fox character from there. I got more of that my heart going out to it of loving it feeling than with my mewtwo character. Learned a butt load of each nook and cranny of the fandom since. Now I'm where I'm at now with two main characters, the mewtwo one, Ultima Mewtwo, as his name goes, and my fursona, Shadow-Fox Kakuretsin.


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I've always liked anthro animals but I just found out what furry was and that I was one about 16 days ago. I enjoy this website, I enjoy the people here, and I enjoy anthro art I've fell into the fandom hard and fast and I'm glad.


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As far as i can remember i have had lots of plushies and were very affectionat about them and animals themself. I think i realised i was furry was when in an art class we were told to practise drawing Humanoid creatures.everyone else did a human but i drew what would evolve into a fursona.


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Around November of 2005 I started looking up inuyasha fan art on the internet. I found a small website http://www.dancingcavy.com/FanArt.html and thought it was really cool.
In Februaury of 2006 I tried to draw some furry comics but they were vey crappy so I stuck to writing storys. This went on until August of 2007 when I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbmpWa1ZVAI and thought "that sounds like me"! so I looked up "furries" on the internet and eventually came upon FA in August of 2007.
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when I found out people make fursuits !

Key Key

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About a week ago. My boyfriend "came out of the closet." he didn't know how to tell me so he posted on here to have you guys tell me. Funny how things turn out if you have an open mind. He was afraid I would break up with him and think he's weird. I do think he is weird but then again we all are. Ironically enough it's the "normal" people who scare me but . I love him all the more.


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Thank god I found this topic, since i watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZdtEzqOwcc

I would have to saying I didn't really get into it till I started drawing anthro fox ( what I thought it would look like at the time as me ) sitting on the frontroom sofa and it grew from there !


battle marshmellow
:l it all started i think 2 years ago when my friend (who is a furry) decided to play furry roulette with me/against my will. he would send me a random image from his "furry folder" over msn. mostly if not all were very explicit pictures of male furs.

i wouldent really say im a fur. i do draw some furry art but other than that i consider myself a "friend of furs." :3


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Well, I had been into yiff for the better part of a year before finding my friend (Glennjam) on this site. (I was doing a random google search on all of my friends screen-names, just to see what would come up) So I joined up.

After a week or so, I began to look back at my life and noticed subtle things that I didn't notice or think was in any way furry. Like my (awesome) fang-like teeth, I never cut my nails, growl quite a bit, bite people now and again and I used to have dreams about my fursona (still do).

But yeah, I guess I'm one of those "spiritual" furs, as it seemed almost destined. Not to mention my fursona in my dreams practically guided my life.


I've always loved anthropomorphic fantasy books, though they always featured ferals rather than anthros. But reading those from a very young age gave me a love for animals, and as a little kid I always wanted to be one. I've often imagined what it would be like if everybody was an animal on two legs, just like a human, though this was before I discovered the fandom.

So I've been "furry" for a while, I just didn't quite know the words for it. I stumbled across it on EncyclopediaDramatica of all things [lol] and then decided to look it up in a more... unbiased source. I eventually found FA, and began reading up at WikiFur, and here I am now.

I've never been one for yiff, though, or regular pornography-- not my type. But I love all the other art, and the movies, etc.



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For me it all started when I was younger (about 5 to 7).

I used to watch disney like a religion, but I found I was particularly into the cartoons with talking animals. I used to play games where I was one, I used to long to be an animal. Then when I was in my early teens I started to get heavily into Sonic The Hedgehog, And when I was on a fan site I saw some dudes throwing around the word "furry"

At the time I thought It was just a term for a sonic fan, but soon I realised what it ment. And then I realised I was one, and had been all my life.:)
i realized i was a furry about a year ago

i lived with two other furries who were like brothers to me
they kind of confurted me

i've known since i was little that i love wolves
i feel some sort of connection with them

also, when i was little, i would growl when i was mad and yipp when a strong emotion overcame me
i still do to this day

sometimes i think more like a wolf than i do a human

Midi Bear

I realized around february. That was when I found out just what a furry was, at which point I realized "Holy shit.. these are just like.. me. o_O.... AWESOME!!! XDD".


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When i was watching national geographic channel with my friend, There was a film about furries, i liked^^'' So after a month i began searching on youtube, and eventually i came on FA
My friend became fur for like.. a week ago now :)


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I think I've probably been a furry since I was only young, but I created my fursona when I was eleven. I seem to have always been able to make any cat trust me. For example, when my grandmother adopted a cat from a shelter, and it was so mistrustful it hid up the chimney whenever someone visited. I went to visit my grandmother and five minutes after walking in the door, I was kneeling on the floor stroking the cat.

Apart from that, I've just always been closer to cats than humans. I seem to miaow a lot, even when I'm not meaning to. Whenever I see a tree I want to climb it. I discovered furries a few months ago but insisted I wasn't one, until a few weeks ago. I'm a lot happier now I've accepted it. *Purrs*


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I was like

"I'm bored"
"Wanna try something new"
"Hey!, I like animals!" :D
"Hey!, I like furries!" :D
"Yey! Let's make a fursona"

Yiff was never and is still not relevant to my interests XD

King Gourd

I was always into shows,movies and books involving animals and never grew out of it, I still love watching cartoons. I'd say it was around 1997 when I started to see that there was more to it than just "liking" the characters in some movies or books or shows. About two years later I caught my first glimpse of the fandom and the rest is history.


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hmmm l think l was about 10 or so when l really started appreciating art and such and wanted to learn heaps of stuff, l had at the time a mass fascination with werewolves and decided to look up art of that,which of course l found tf art and from here somehow to the fandom and FA which l'm glad l found


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Only one and a half year ago when I came across anthro artist and I really liked the look of characters so I continued research and fell in love with that type of art. But I was never found of ''adultish'' furry art.... I always found it... what's the word... rejective from my point of view? I don't know if those are right words.
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