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When did you become a furry?


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Honestly, it's hard to pin down as exact date as I kind of flirted with the concept without knowing quite what I was flirting with for... a while.

Started interacting with the fandom properly after a strange night with my friend, who as it turned out is also a furry, when they got drunk, pinned me down and screamed "Are you a furry?" at me until I eventually replied "Yeah, I guess".

I assume the push of knowing a furry kind of made it easier to identify as one. That happened early last year, I think? So it's not been as long as it feels... though, as I said I hadn't been entirely non-furry prior to that night, that was more just the final push towards using the term and seeking out others who shared the interest.


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After the 90s and there was a lot of media, including Cats Don't Dance-

Honestly though, my parents let me dressed my stuffed animals in my old baby clothes. I preferred this over dolls. I discovered later I like bending anatomy of anthropomorphic creatures .


Lover of Beasty Baes


Obsessed With Shapes & Colours
After the 90s and there was a lot of media, including Cats Don't Dance-

Honestly though, my parents let me dressed my stuffed animals in my old baby clothes. I preferred this over dolls. I discovered later I like bending anatomy of anthropomorphic creatures .
Oh my gosh, I remember that cartoon! I actually watched it for the first time recently when I was on a bit of a animation kick - looking for all the furry-adjacent stuff that wasn't by Disney.

For sure, I think animation was probably to blame for me too. My friend may have lit the candle, but the Lion King II: Simba's Pride was the reason that candle was perched on the mantle in the first place.
Found out about furries around 2015/16
Slowly fell down the black hole from there


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It depends on how we define furry. If it means having an anthro character then, 6-7 years ago (by that time I didn't even know what furry was). If it means discovering and getting interested in furry, then 3-4 years ago. If it means "accepting" that you are a furry and joining the comunity, then last monday.
There is a long story behind the creation of that anthro character (which is my current fursona and probably will be for the rest of my life) and I want to make a post apart explaining it. I discovered what furry was 3-4 years ago and I liked it, but for some reason I failed to see that my character is an anthro and thought that I wasn't a real furry. Finally a month ago I saw a furry artwork (I don't remember where, but it wasn't in FA) and I thought "I wish I had a cool anthro character... wait, I do have one" but I didn't dare to join the community because of the bad fame it has in social media. Last monday I said "if I never give it a try I may regret it", so now I'm a furry and I'm glad I made the step of joining the community.


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Since i remember i was fascinated in 2 legged animals.

Thats basically all really... once when i was 13 i found this Yiff video ond Pornhub as well, maybe this was a turning point? After all the Hormones were jumping all the time then

Now excuse me i need to find this video again for... nostalgic reasons


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What about yourself?
I actually found out when I figured out what a furry was (I was an early teen). I loved animals since I was coming out of my mothers- Anyways I have always loved animals and also was pretty fond of anthropomorphic animals like dragon tails, those anthro dinos, I forgot the series XD
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I’ve been interested in anthropomorphic stuff since 2002

But didn’t really know about furries till awhile later and considered myself furry in 2012


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I think it was like...6 years ago, when i heard an uncle (who's a psychologist) who heard about something weird called "furry", and that involved animals.
At the time, i've just started (or maybe i was already for a few months, idk) to get into porn and all that stuff, so i decided to check that thing...it was weird, i felt so attracted to it, but i felt guilty about it, and it took me quite a while to accept i was into that.
I also have to say that i always liked furry-like content, like videogame/cartoon characters that were furries, without knowing what they where, and with the time on the fandom i ended up enjoying them a lot more, not only on the nsfw side, but also on the sfw side.

Sadly, i can speak about it with just 2 or 3 friends, because almost none of them like it or understands it, so it has been hard to me to completely get into the fandom :/

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One time 15 years ago I saw a yiff and I became a furry.

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When the likes of Disney and Warner Bros ruined me.


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I think I've always been furry, if by 'furry' you mean 'a fan of anthropomorphic artwork'.

I mean, we are brought up on anthro. Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros... even shows like Fireman Sam arguably anthropomorphise wooden dolls. Some people just 'grow out of it', or are at least persuaded by others that it's 'childish' or 'silly'. In fact I reckon, by this broad definition that does not include self-identification as a requirement, there's a lot more furries in the western world than non-furries, they just don't realise it - or don't want to self-identify as furry because of the negative aspects of the subculture.


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What I would consider my first "anthro" experience was back about 1975 at Gen Con in Lake Genoeva, Wisconsin. I was in lust with an art piece of an anthro vixen I saw in the art show. Of course, there was no Fandom for Furries back then, but I never felt uncomfortable about the experience.