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When do you become a pop fur?


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When I first joined this site and was like getting at a 100 views on my profile rather quickly, I was in pretty high spirits that I could keep this up with the more content I made...but I was naive and didn't know shit and soon got bitch-slapped by reality after seeing some of my favorites artists with views in the hundred thousands and realizing my number of views were like micro dick compared to everyone else's um..bigger size

so yeah, I think a 100,000 is pretty popular, but I could be wrong


As Handsome said, 100k seems like a good number. Also for future referance I think the term is "Popufur"


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Having a certificate of popularity signed by Dragoneer himself and at least 750 people willing to mindlessly attack people on tumblr at your command.


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Just be productive and vocal.
I just do what i do, don't worry about being popular.
You may not want to be watched for every screw up or flaw.
Having popularity also bring haters and everything you say and do is watched.
Say something stupid or offensive and things can goto shit, you can no longer
voice your unfiltered thoughts without them being analyzed.


Like all artists - furry and non furry - it's all about the quality of your work, you're unique style and characters and most importantly, reputation. Master your art skills, creat some off the wall characters and write journals or blogs telling the audience how focused and professional you are. Master all of these and your reputation and fans will follow. but remember, you're drawing art because it's your passion, not because you want to be popular.


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The first rule of popufur is - you don't talk about it


Hit 'em right between the eyes
I really don't care about popularity, I just enjoy giving the masses what they want.

If this were really the case, then you wouldn't have made this thread :p


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Edit: Oh, I just realized you were talking about popufur on FA (I presume as an artist). Anyway, this is how people become popular on Facebook.

1. Get a really good fursuit
2. Make a Facebook account and add thousands of people.
3. Post shit.

Congratulations, you're now a popufur. It doesn't matter whether you're a shit person or a decent person.

Haha, you probably think I'm joking... *sigh* I wish I was.
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Hit 'em right between the eyes
1. Get a really good fursuit.

It doesn't even have to be that good. Just halfway decent. The key is spamming photos and spamming tags.


You become popufur by drawing loads of porn of course. Even if one's art is shit, as long as there are dix in it they're golden


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I love the comments in this thread. :D

As far as being popular, everyone already said it. Furries are easily amused. Porn, bright colored fursuits, and spam. Youre good!