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When do you become a pop fur?


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Get a fursuit and go to a shit ton of cons with it.

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Haha... And I have to model 3D penisses...

I wonder if I should upload this to FA (Not safe for clouds)

You could bring about the cloud revolution with that one.

Get a fursuit and go to a shit ton of cons with it.

So true, really this will get you in quick, just make sure it's an attractive one. Honestly, I mean this in no offense but you could be 80 years old and have an awesome cute/sexy fursuit and you would become popufur quick, just gotta put that fursona out there and don't back down give it your all. Make sure to dance a lot. you could just wiggle to the beat and it looks cool in a fursuit, trust me on this.

Really, if you're an extrovert or a shy type extrovert that is just waiting to find what's right for you to really give it your all, it makes a lot of difference, it's just like society in general, network, network, network. Gotta have good PR
A lot of time on your hands or a lot of time to devote to furry Art and fursuiting really makes or breaks a popufur though, because after all in the end you are really there to please your fans. From what I've seen being popufur is very fleeting.
I kinda wish i could do these things sometimes though.


100k views is no longer popular, 100k is medium average

Years ago maybe

watchers? couple thousand at least


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How to become a pop fur (A beginner's guide)
1. Drink lots of Pepsi and Mtn Dew.
2. Listen to Katy Perry.
3. Pop lots of bubble wrap.
4. Wear a fursuit while doing steps 1-3.