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When is it never okay for a weasel party? [Free Art..sort of]


At such a party we all become weasels and partake in various (clean, only clean!) musteline activities, including eating, drinking, running through tight spaces, and performing the famous weasel war dance. Anyone interested pleas post a ref or whatnot of your character/fursona whatever and you're invited to the party of weasels!!!
Honestly i wasn't sure where to post this but it's close enough to 'free art' that it seems to fit. There's no real cutoff but i'm not gonna leave the thread here for months cause it's gonna be kind of a quick thing.


Basically i'm doing a pic with a different characters drawn as weasels.
I guess no one responds to this thread i'll just do like all my characters and all of Laika's also...
No one understaaaands!!! *huddles in emo corner*


Lets see if I do.

I shall put my reference HERE
And, hopefully, he shall turn out as a weasel :D


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Could you draw Pazuzu weaselfied please? His reference is in my sig.

Thanks for any consideration