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When someone hates you

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Catless Cat Lady
Coby, you're so sickly delusional there are no other words of putting it in.

Stop ignoring pages of criticism, stop writing it all off as "insults", stop claiming people are preemptively judge you, stop calling it rumors. You say that these people are all stuck in their 'false' mindset, using it as an excuse when you can't make them agree with you, it is the exact opposite way around.

You said that people don't care to understand the reason behind your questionable actions. Do they have to? You have admitted in the past that you have anger issues, and it's good that you're clear with that, the next step would be to do something about it, but that's not at all what you do. I can't be bothered to find the screenshot, but when you said that, you immediately blamed it on someone in your life. Stop blaming others.

If you hurt people unintentionally, if you aggravate people unintentionally, just because there was a reason behind it, just because you can explain it it doesn't justify it.
If you do something bad accidentally, just because you had an awful day/week you still did that thing, whether there is a reason behind it or not.

People aren't obligated to accept your reasons and your apologies. Do not take it for granted. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY instead of blaming others.
Try saying "My bad" instead of trying to explain your way out of it.

These things people have said in this thread, while I can't confirm all of them, but some I can- including myself, what they have said was not based on assumptions and suppositions as you keep parroting.

They have literally witnessed your behaviour, your attitude first hand, they are saying everything based on their very experience with you, not based on rumors.
^That statement above, you wiggled each and every time out of it by saying they don't know you, and don't know the reasons behind those things. As I said above, they don't have to. You need to prevent these experiences, you need to fix your behaviour in a manner for these things to not happen in the first place.

It is your fault that they think that of you in the first place, you have done something that made them do it. Don't let it happen. That's the problem.
Not caring about your personal problems thinking that you can just fix everything by talking to others and explaining them won't make the problems go away, and your delusion is that you think people are supposed to accept your explanations.

It is true, people *can* accept those justifications, reasons in the right scenarios, but it's your job to not have to explain anything to begin with. Always assume that doing something bad will have consequences, because that will be the majority of the time in life.

Please, please, please take something from this goddamn post, fix yourself before trying to point out the flaws in others.

You have so much ahead of you, your life, your social experiences in life will be god awful for an undetermined amount of time, you will suffer if you don't learn, just look at yourself right now, I doubt you're very happy with how people are treating you, and how all these things happen in your life. It will keep happening if you don't act.

I've written this not to bash you, hell no, I'm desperately hoping I can at least open your eyes a little.

This is only for your sake, and nobody else's.

It may hurt, but put at least just a tiny trust in what I said, if you don't believe it to my despair, even then, just try to imagine.
This is honesty, I dearly, dearly hope it will help you a little.

Stop with excuses, okay? Even if they are true (which you can't judge for yourself at all times), excuses aren't something that are going to be accepted in life. Aim to prevent ever having to make excuses, instead of focusing on making good excuses.

You'll find people will forgive you a lot more if you take the blame on yourself.
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