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Main Site When will we get the ability to block/mute tags?


Meros the Bun
I would like to browse the recently uploaded art work, but whenever I do it's always flooded with fetish art that I'd really not rather see. And I have all 18+ works filtered out, yet the fetish art remains... It'd be really nice to be given the option to filter all this stuff out. I'm surprised we don't have this already, this is a super, super basic feature.


Not enough fucking minerals!
One of the reasons I very, very rarely bother to browse the main site.


Actually a dog
Yup, same. If I really want to browse art I'll just go to Twitter or DeviantArt (both of which let you mute words and tags!!!) Annoying that FurAffinity is lagging this far behind other social media sites.
Still can't change your username either


Meros the Bun


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I think muting tags is still a better idea personally. You still have to get people to apply them, and it won't likely ever occur for older content, but then at least people can filter out specific things they don't want to see without disabling adult work entirely. Couple that with muting/blocking people who routinely fail to tag or mis-tag and you can clean things up pretty well.

A mandatory tag for 'reminders' would be nice too.