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Where and How did you meet your mate?


Maybe I Could Be...
If you have a mate/boyfriend/girlfriend/life partner, how did you meet them?

If you don't have mate/boyfriend/girlfriend/life partner how would you like to meet them?

A note to those who are uncomfortable or take offense with the terms I use, please forgive me. I do not view the term mate as an offensive term. But I did edit the post and I apologize if it offended you in the first place.
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Aq Bars

Я Ак Барс
...I don't have a mate, I have a boyfriend. He was introduced to me by a close friend who met him while travelling.

At least, that's the, uh, "official" story.



The Grey One

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I met my mate on a furry RP forum and we've been going out for four months.

Aq Bars

Я Ак Барс
A word of warning. The internet isn't the best place to meet significant others. I'm in a relationship tht started on the internet, and 7 months later we have a healthier relationship than any of my friends in real life. So yes, it can work out great. But know what you're getting into. Be aware of the risks, be aware that you'll be apart, possibly for a long time. Be aware that an RL relationship is a heck of a lot easier to pull off.

And no relationship can survive if it stays on the internet. Communication is essential. Make plans to meet, the sooner the better.

Remember kids, a few lines of fancy RP sex text does not a partner make.


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Here's another shocker.

I met my mate on a Furry/Digimon porn forum.

Didn't know they were gonna be my mate at first. Kinda figured that out after roughly 3 months of talking to eachother over Yahoo Messanger.

Oh, here's another shocker.

I like wolves. :3


Play from your ****ing HEART
I don't feel like retyping the whole story. Some people on IRC have heard it...


We are talking about relationships, right?
I met my girlfriend in the band :3

â„¢-Daley Leungsangnam475-â„¢

Red 'n' White Scouse Gamon ^_^
i met by BF (best friend) on the 1st day of term in sept, 2006 ... we've been friends ever since


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I will meet them in HELL

I get to be 'lone. MAI ALONE. MINE.

[Insert tl;dr bitchy emo boy-period baby-needs-a-tampon tyrade.]


F*ck you, that's my name
I met my boyfriend, not too long after I got a job at a department store, and It's going on two years now.


It's a funny story actually.

But first off, I would never call my other half by such a lowly, vile and degrading term. You furries should really consider the people you want to be in a relationship with in a higher standard. I would hope you'd be better than animals, but then again you ARE furries. I suppose sex is really all most of you care about, so the term fits for you. ANYWAY.

I met my dearest on here actually. Both of us ended up here when drawn by our mutual interest in fantasy creatures (Not just anthro animals) in general. We came, we saw, we decided furries are scum, and there you have it.

We're quite happy together though.


The South Pacific Sea H'otter
I'd like to meet him on a beach perhaps, just after a swim.

If you're comfortable being around someone with little clothing on, and dripping wet, that's a definite plus right there. ^_^