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Where are my Invert Selection and Select All buttons?


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When browsing notifications I noticed that with the recent update those options are gone. I now only have the option of clicking on things one by one, or nuking every page.

I often (especially when traveling) will select a few images to view/comment on later and delete the rest. Can't do this anymore.

Why remove them? Were people complaining about having more options for cleaning out their notifications for some bizarre reason?


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Mine are all still there. Have you tried a different browser?
Weird! So I just looked at the source, and the code for the buttons are there, they are just missing.

Also if I hit NUKE ALL it doesn't give me a popup just does it.

I'm using FireFox 30.0 and it did just upgrade itself recently. Wonder if anyone else is seeing this or if it's just something goign haywire on my machine.

But good to know it's some sort of malfunction and not an update. Yay. :)


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Those buttons require Javascript to function, so if for any reason your JS malfunctions they won't appear on the page at all.


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I'm on Opera with a fully updated Javascript and I don't have the buttons either.

I'd get a different browser but lord knows when something goes wrong with the new browser someone will tell me to get a different one. May as well just download one of each at this rate -_-
Does the page finish loading? I know they don't show until after the ads load for me (and with the crappy ad server that can take a bit of time).