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where are the other dragons at


Thrashing About
There are too many mutts and squishy things running around here. Surely my draconic brethren can't be extinct here just yet!

We need to group together to discuss dragon-y things... like hoarding. And positions to laze around in. Yeeeah.


Incomprehensible horror. DRAGON
Im a Dragon! As far as being perceived by physical means anyway, but I mean, might as well just say Im a dragon XD


Thrashing About
Ah sweet man. We should build a tree-house. Or a tree-castle. That way we could look all big and important when we don't let the furries in.


professional procrastinator
Hello. Feel free to enter my dragon cave and we can arrange to go hunting for various snack items some time.


Shapeshifting alien dragon
I am dragon, you rang the dinner bell? Where are the peasants which require burnination?

Prefered lazing around position: in comfort but visible where others can quake in fear at my presence.

In the human world, this is often best achieved by walking around glaring over the top of my inspector's clipboard. Much fun.
I even work daily in my second hoard (the humans call it 'state office') gathering more things to add power to my hoard. Humans call these pieces of my treasure 'evidence' ...silly humans always having to come up with other names for dragon things. My hoard is kept under multiple locks and keys, so that there shall be no attempted thefts of my hoard. Its mine. All mine.

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
I'm a Wolf Dragon.
I like hoarding various feathers,bones and pretty rocks.
Hybrid pride.

Ahkrin Descol

RELIC Specialist
Well both my 'sonas are scalies, the other of which is a dragon... so close enough xD