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Where are TV shows getting stock music that sounds similar to other songs?


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I can think of three instances where I have heard a stock song that reminds me of another song.

On the blade smithing in the show forged in fire, sometimes you will hear this really harsh guitar riff we are the guitarist please the same note a few times before progressing the into a wide range of a shifting notes. It really reminds me of the anthrax song Madhouse.

There is a Melody I heard once on kids baking championship that sounded like a harpsichord. It had a very similar feel and Melody to the Eminem song Real Slim Shady.

This one I hear a lot, with the stock song appearing in kids baking Championship as well, as well as a bunch of other shows I've seen. This melody sounds very similar to Motivation by Sum 41, but bouncier and softer.

Anyone know of any of the melody is I am talking about? Anyone hear any other stock Melody is that sound like a tune you recognize? Anyone know where they are getting all these melodies?