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Where can I find "Realistic" heads/masks?


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I want to make a costume, based off a certain character's desecrated corpse from "Game of Thrones". I'm thinking something along these lines: http://chenillestems.blogspot.com/2011/06/ta-da.html

Or else like Genesis-era Peter Gabriel:

Anybody know where I can find this sort of mask? Like, the opposite of cartoony.


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the only "realistic" mask/head maker i know of is Tsebresos. she also makes entire fursuits so i would ask her
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If you're willing to pay for quality, this looks like a project right out of Clockwork Creature's books.
Yep, if you're looking for top notch quality i would most definetly recommend clockwork creatures


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There's tons of suit makers on FA who sell resin head blanks if you're wanting to make it yourself


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It sounds like you will want to look into those who still make pelt style garbs. We've done it before to some degree and there are others who do it more often, but I can't recall their names.