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Where did you get your anemm from?


because im sick of all the "whats your fursona?" threads, im doing something a little differant!

Where did you get you forum name? if its the name of your fursona explain where you came up with it, but for the people with 452845202 fursonas, just explain your forum name

mine just came with me one day while i was having an infinity, i was listening to the wind and it just popped into my head. later on i found out that its also a mob in WoW, and that kinda took away from the meaning =(

and its not whirl axis, like a turning axis, its just one word and has nothing to do with whirling, spinning, the center of rotation, etc


My first name is Leah. As kids, my sister jokingly called me "Leahtard" (whether as in leotard the clothing or just another name for 'tard, I don't know.) I figured "Leahtaur" was fitting for an online name, even moreso now that I draw furry stuffs. Even if very little of it is of taurs.

Hardly epic, I know. :p
Well, uh... long story short...

This name became my pen name sometime in about 1999. My real name is Jaime, obviously... and I started using it when I was much more heavily into anime than I am now. I created this little online persona that I've been drawing ever since, and she became "Chibi Jaime." Which eventually got shortened to one word.

...and it... stuck? It's just sort of my thing now. Nothing more than it sounded cool at the time, and now, it's just what I use to identify myself, regardless of everything else.


ive been called a zero, loser, or sometimes a deadbeat allot because I'm really lazy and get into stupid shit allot with my friends, so i kinda just combined that into this and liked how it came out.


I'm a littile tied up atm
Hmm... well alaska has tundra... its the name of my favorite comic strip. And wolfblade was taken...by an admin. LOL. Great minds do think alike. Im hoping to get an Admin to somehow change mine to= Tundra-Wolf

Baka Neko

Meh, I have had this name for years and years.. I always used to roleplay as a feline/neko.. but I was struggling for a real "name name" for my character.. ( now mindful for all of you that think I just picked this name.. I have had it since 2000 or there abouts. ) I just used to, and currently am just a silly, stupid cat that just is a "whore" for attention and cuddling. I had a friend that was heavy into Japanese culture, as well as myself into the culture and anime and one day I was just called a "baka neko," for no real reason other then to insult me.. After being called this a few times, it sorta stuck as a nickname for myself all the way until this day. I sorta still wish I had a "real" name but I really do like the name that was given to me.. even though it sorta degrades my character.. * sighs and shrugs * =P

- Baka Neko -


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Well, my forum name actually comes from another one of my online names because that one was too popular. I was a therian before a furry so i chose a suitable online name for that (Black Wolf) except thats kinda common in anything other than the relatively small therian circles that exist so it just became Black Wolfie for the furry fandom...essentially the same but almost never used....as for my fursona's name, which is Dakota Winterheart, that came about because i kinda liked the name Dakota and the Winterheart part is from the name of my favourite album by my favourite band ( Winterheart's Guild by Sonata Arctica)


Mine doesn't mean anything. It's a reference older games, usually RPGs, that would have lots of abbreviations. It's not from one specific game, just a name that popped in my head.


Same as my fursona's and the same as all forums. Ale or Ale-8-1. I know I'm unoriginal.
ale said:
Same as my fursona's and the same as all forums. Ale or Ale-8-1. I know I'm unoriginal.

OT, Ale 8 One is the best ginger ale ever. My family's from the area it originally was made!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.

M. LeRenard

Is not French
Un: I'm half French-major
Deux: it's actually a mix between old French and modern French, in that the Monsieur in my case is more of a 'my liege' than 'Mister', and the word Renard is slightly more modern than, say, goupil (which no one uses anymore). So it comes to "My Liege the Fox"; it's a way of showing my respect for the cute little critters, even if they have an extremely annoying bark and smell like skunk spray. :wink:
I know I'm a loser for putting that much thought into it.
My 'fursona's' name (not really my fursona, just the MC of my book) is Kitsune, and I came up with that when I was looking through a Japanese to English dictionary. Only later did I learn that the author of the Usagi Yojimbo comics also has an anthro fox character named Kitsune. I don't think I'll change it, though. It's stupid enough to be cool.


I was thinking about tomatoes one day, then I imagined an anonymous polish guy smashing it in an old woman's face

Hmmm, good times
I got Orlith from a book (Moreta: Dragon Lady of Pern by Anne McCaffery) she was always my favorite queen dragon, so i kinda modled my online self after her for a while, now all I ahve the same is the species, colour and name.

Rehka (my alt red panda fursona)... Lol, I was at work, spoke with a nice lady named Rehka, then decided to name my alt that, since it sounded pretty to me. And I probably butchered the spelling. Oh well.


Well, on FA I'm The Gru, so here, I'm The Gru, as for the name itself, it came from my RP group. The GM had one of the players eaten by a Gru (jokingly) but I liked the sound of it so much, that I use it in all my online accounts. Though mind you I'm not into vore.


The very first time I ever logged into a chat, back before I'd come across the Furry fandom (back on the ol' Sega Dreamcast), I didn't know what to call myself. So I just used what I had been calling the weapon of an unnamed character I'd been drawing for years(who later became my Furry Persona). I'd figured I would just come up with a name later, but people came to know me by this one, and I found it anoying when a friend seemed to change names every few months, so I just stuck with what people knew me by.

Sorry, Tundra. X3


A mixture of my real name (Angel) and my fursona's name (Rhiel).
And I just came up with Rhiel because it sorta rhymed with my name and it sounded nice.

And that's it :p

Roose Hurro

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Long before I had a computer, an artist friend and I... both interested in anthropomorphics... played with the idea of what form we would choose, if the technology existed to create anthro bodies. Roose Hurro came out of that challenge, and the name itself I just sounded out, till I came up with what I liked... a name that flowed well off the tongue. Part of the design brief for this challenge was: Animal, Mythical, or Custom. I chose custom, and built Roose as a form I could enjoy living in. A form non-human/alien, but able to interact in a human world... drive a car, use human-designed tools, all that stuff, without too much trouble. Thing was, he eventually grew from an engineered body to an alien with a Homeworld of his own, a family and a culture/civilization, just as custom-made as his form. When I finally got a comp, I decided to use him as my net-avatar. So, here I am... an alien fuzzball, everywhere I go. Oh, and I also RP with him, as well as a whole mess of other characters I've created, on a number of message board roleplay forums....

Still, he's my mane... ummm, main character, in many ways like me, yet in many ways not. (Cryptic, ain't I?)



Bokra, come out to pla-ay
Online handle.
Unbrokenkarma was the suggestion MSN chat randomly spat out, and so I used it. It's easier remembering one name rather than lots, so I use it. No symbolism, no matter how much it sounds like it or how many people ask.

My fursona's name is Lorcan, which means feirce little warrior. He's a little crow that dosen't know his own size, and like most birds he's abit of a crank sometimes :p


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I just got my name from random :p It doesn't mean anything special, other than being the name of my vampire bat fursona.


For the longest time I have had the online name AnnoyedDragon; it first popped up in a MMORPG chat room when the servers were down (which explains the name), I'd role play a dragon until the servers were accessible again. After a while I found myself in the chat room more than the game, which was silly considering I was paying to play.

After I left the game the name just stuck, when I joined FA I wanted to come up with a furry name but at the same time was fond of the this one. So I came up with a compromise; AnnoyedDragon Furry, ADF.


heh, i just logged on this morning and realized i butchered the title last night (i was tired, don't hate me)

is there a way to make it say 'name' or can an admin do it?


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The history of my name is long and boring. I'll spare you and just say MMORPG random name generators and randomly changing letters with what you get works like a charm. Fully unique name and all that, I use it for much everything.