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Where do you fit into the fandom?

Where you fit

  • Forum goer (Furry/Non furry)

    Votes: 386 47.4%
  • Artist

    Votes: 361 44.3%
  • Art enthusiast

    Votes: 369 45.3%
  • Hobbyist

    Votes: 308 37.8%
  • Lifestylist

    Votes: 94 11.5%
  • Fetishist

    Votes: 181 22.2%
  • New to the fandom, too early to know

    Votes: 117 14.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 130 16.0%

  • Total voters


Pronounced 'Foxglove'
Artist, hobbyist and fetishist.
I don't participate in the fandom as much as I'd like to, but unfortunately, i've got more important things on my mind most of the time. =/

For those of you flagging Other as parent-furs: I'd like to nominate the official title "Corrupter of Future Generations". >=3
Let's see...

I'm an artist and art enthusiast first. I got into this fandom really because of the art and creative side of it.

I'm more of a life-styler than a hobbyist. But, truth be told, I don't go to conventions a lot. I've actually only been to one. But I'd love to attend every single one if I could.
But, when I talk with people, I tend to have 'furry habits'. Like saying 'mew' and 'mrow', and wiggling my butt when I get excited. XP
I have hung around so many other furs and lived with a number the past few years, so I don't catch myself in public a lot. But I never seem to get looks or questions. (Save for why I say 'mew mew' as a sigh or pause.)
Really though, I say life-styler because art is such a part of my life, and I really only draw furry art right now.

Um, I think that's everything there is to say. xD


Forum Goer, Artist, Art Enthusiast, Hobbyist, Fetishist.

Don't really have the energy to say much more.
Damn, I'm tired.

Sky Striker

Not the most original, I know
Forum Goer and Lifestylist

However I think that the definition of lifestylist given in the OP is a bit unfair. I go to conventions and meets semi-regularly but I don't act like my fursona in everyday life and I don't believe that furry is a way of life. I didn't choose other because lifestylist is too close to what I do. Sure I'll go out and wear a furry t-shirt but is that any different than a trekkie going out and wearing a Star Trek shirt? And the same goes for conventions too.


I'm going to have to label myself as art Enthusiast and artist somewhat thats really all i mainly circle around.


I mostly lurk around websites reading about the fandom. I look at art. I chat with a few furries online. So hobbyist I guess. I didn't really identify with furries until recently though I had many, many interests in the fandom, anthro animals, and so on. Mostly because I didn't really interact with furries really. Didn't feel like a part of it. Still don't really.


jjusut a internetewr person, i wiis h i had the balls to be a lifestyler butt i dont ;((

somi day mayybe ill be a better furrry, its hard you kno sometmes to be a goood furry, i wish i had one life one love to live, but i hav too maany livess to live, you know? somethings got to give

its like, one life one love to live and somethins got to give

so lets get it

as much as i wannt to believe,
i dont
as much as ii want to be freee,
i wont'

still choke on ur your songs,

you wrote them and i just sing aloong

i love you furry

some day


Prince of Wolves
I'd consider myself a Tier 3 furry :p Of course in a 5 Tier system... Lets see if I can't describe all 5 teirs:

Tier 1 - Disney Enthusiasts/Generation -> You've watched Lion King/Balto/Tarzan a million and a half times and feel like you associate with them.

Tier 2 - Art Enthusiast - Masterfully accepting of most genres of art and probably browsing FA for the rich artistic culture that's here (the pronz may be to your liking as well)

Tier 3 - Self-Proclaimed Artist and/or Fursuiter -> You've written/drawn/composed furry themed artwork and/or pronz for the enjoyment of your fellow furry. And/or you've been to at least one convention with a smexy fursuit of your choice.

Tier 4 - Mildly Obsessive Furry - You've gone the next step and probably ended up in a fur-pile and/or have scared people intentionally by the use of furry memorabilia/terminology.

Tier 5 - ANTHRO RIGHTS! - You're waiting for the day when gene splicing can turn you into a full-blown furry. You're less than 100% human at this time if any...


i'm sorta new-ish but i love the idea. =^^= i draw things that relate to this.
i dont think this will ever be a real-life thing though


its the point of no return
artist and fetishist cause i gots to hev my yiffs


Beware of Molesters
I'm a recovering furry. I just relapsed after 5 month of being clean.


Hobbyist/Forum-Goer. I can't imagine furry ever taking up my entire life, but one meets a LOT of interesting people around here.


Active Member
Art Enthusiast/ Hobbyist. I'm a great big bear of a man IRL (yes, I even growl when I'm very upset, complete with the lip thing). It just fits me well.


Booty Plunderer
Forum goer and art enthusiast.

Hopefully I'll be getting a tablet in the next few days, so I could be under artist as well ^_^


Mostly a fetishist. You know. The kind that gives the rest of you guys a bad name. Not a hobbyist, but trying to branch out a little more into the forums. Aspiring Artist, but ultimately too lazy to practice. and finish art.


I guess I'm under artist.
But I've been drifting out of the fandumb, and as such my characters are becoming more humanlike as I draw them.


New Member
Mainly a lover of art and producer of it. I have a fursona and rp as them every so often. Kind of tempted in the future of getting a partial suit to have for cons but still feel kind of awkward about the idea ^^;. Lastly somewhat a fetishist but I won't go into that.