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Where do you live?

Edge said:
The land down under, where women glow and men plunder.

Isn't the line "Where women roll and make shunder?" So hard to understand what the Men At Work say most the time...

I'm in San Francisco, where it rains 341 days a year and never gets warmer than 57 Fahrenheit! Does that count as wet and cold? We're also entirely surrounded by water on 3 sides, and by an industrial hell hole and navy base on the fourth side.

Kanapi said:
Don't really like it there. (like anyone else. Anywhere )))

I like it here in SF ^.^


New Member
I live in Frankfurt, Germany, and there aren't many Germans on this site, which makes me feel lonely, but also SPECIAL.


Holywood (10 mins from the center of Belfast) in NORTHERN IRELAND!!
For all ye English out there: 1-0!!
We are totally awesome over here :p

@Flywheel: There aren't many from Norn Iron (Northern Ireland for all ye from the outside :p) around either =]/=[


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oh wow this thread is old =/

well n/e wayz.....i live in Northern Virginia, Reston to be exact....and it wet and cold at the moment...


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Just have to pop in and give a shout for the Carolinas. North, that is. To hell with South Carolina, GO Tarheels!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Thread Necromancy.

This boy be reppin the 503. That's the real Oregon area code, for those not in the know. For as much as I love Eugene, Oregon is Portland and Salem, and 541 and 971 are just runners up.

An lol at reppin area codes, who came up with that?

So yeah. Oregon. Where the weather is always sunny... Except for 9/10ths of the year when it's raining.
I lives on the internet!
...but I usually leave the body in MN (usa)
I live in Maine. It's all hills and swamp and pine trees.


Damn snow here in Massachusetts is melting!~ I wanted it to snow some more and see how high it could get before the end of the year.. We had like three feet piled up, now it's down to one foot, because it was like 50 degrees yesterday.



Kanapi said:
I'm from Moscow.
That's why my signature is in Russian.
Don't really like it there. (like anyone else. Anywhere )))
Wish I could live in GB.


I am part Russian (raised in a Russian-speaking household in Gorseinon, near Llanelli, South Wales in the 1940s; my father was Romanian but he joined up and was only demobbed in 1946 so I spent my first years speaking only Russian, even taking a whole year to learn English when I started at my Welsh primary school). Anyway, I currently live in Lympne, near Hythe in Kent and would welcome you at any time to Britain though I would wait about four or five years and then come because I need to tidy up around here first.


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Greetings from Ames, Iowa, USA!

I sometimes get the feeling I'm the only fur in the state.
Greetings from Sylvania Ohio! The weather here is crap with a possiblity of pure fail later in the evening! It's flat here, hills are scarce natural reasources that are quickly raped and pillaged.


I live in a bunghole town called Burleson, TX. No pride here. Everybody in my town is rude! It's very hard to find the nice people here.

No one lives near me. :cry:
Wait!!! There is one kid at my school who's in the fandom, though I think he wants to rape me.
I am in Southern Maryland now. I am originally from New England so I miss the snow and skiing in the winter and summers have been too hot and humid. From all the posts on this subject, does anyone like the weather where they live?? Any furs from Hawaii here?