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Where do you want to visit?


Icy Dragon
I want to visit somewhere cold, probably Canada. I have a friend who lives there and he says the weather can be so beautiful, and he has sent me some pictures of him in the forest, and everything being wet and, most likely, almost freezing.

Where I live the weather is really hot, my usual day is about 35°C (around 85-100F°) and I've been craving to visit somewhere with lots of clouds, soft rain, the wind blowing the tree's branches, nature's silence, setting up a tent and sleeping outside surrounded by nothing but trees and him... I wish... But some day I know I'll make it. I won't give up until I experience the coldness of the tundra, which, shouldn't be too far away from now :D
Puerto Rico to learn more about my culture, Japan for fun times and scenery, Australia for the scenery as well and American Samoa for see all the cute hefty guys.


I will deliver the explosion
EVERYWHERE. I love travel, I love experiencing things. I went driving at random, found the part of the Appalachian Trail nearest me, and found a gigantic tunnel that you can go in (google Stumphouse Tunnel, that thing is the shiz), and a bunch of different waterfalls.

It's how I found Thunderbolt GA (how is that for an awesome town name!) and Bonaventure Cemetary. It's how I found cute little towns like Dublin, GA and even littler ones like Plum Branch. It's how I got to Florida in 2015. Just grabbing the car and driving four hours. It's a blast, and it's pretty cheap.

But if I could, I would travel all over.