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Where do you work?


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Srsly, you guys. I was bored, so I decided to ask ya'll.
I myself work at Petsmart, in the fish/small animals department. It's like, maybe irony, or maybe awesome/funny, I dunno. Where do you work?


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Well... I am employed by the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, drama and opera ensemble. I thank them very much because they aprooved my one-year life in Finland, and they kept me employed. I like my job, but i prefer drama.


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I worked in an organic shop as an trainee for three years.
I liked it very much but now I'm in school again :)


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I'm at the Uni. of Western Ontario, working as a Senior Network admin. Enjoy it very much as it's a great place to work.

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home and I don't get paid... I'm a stay at home mom


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I work at burger king making flame broiled whoppers, would you like an apple pie with that?


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I work for a small computer company doing all the tech work. Get paid quite a bit, and it's fun!


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I don't work at this time but when I do I work construction or on boats. I miss work.:(


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I work at Kroger, a grocery store, in the deli during the afternoons/evenings. In the mornings, I count cash for Staples. I also put out the ink. HP must die. =| I usually work around 55 hours a week, sometimes more if I go into work early or leave later.


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Yea, I agree with that. I told myself I am never going to work in the food industry as a starting job. So far I've kept true to myself.

I have a friend that works at McDonalds, so I knew full well to steer clear, and you told yourself a very, very smart thing.


You just lost the game.

Used to work there. Went from GA making minimum wage to SGA then ASM. Got so much experience there, and it landed me in this cushy place.


What I am: Director of Network Operations, leading a team of network designers, implementation specialists, problem and incident managers, service assurance teams and security/SOX auditors for a major Canadian Telco/ISP/Wireless company.

What I do: I'm a professional scapegoat. I carry a coffee cup from meeting room to meeting room and get paged at odd hours because some idiot with a backhoe has done something stupid. I'm basically paid to make sure people can surf the internet.


I don't have a tempo.
Hmmm, wow, that's cool, you guys work at a lot of different places...Like, I just got off of closing shift at Petsmart, and I sold $200 worth of finches. (Score!) I had a good day at work. :D