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Where do your ideas come from?

How do ideas come to you?

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Pirate Fox Mom
Ok a few things have prompted this thread, a conversation with a friend and a chat in LPW.

Here’s the question:

Where do your ideas come from?

For anything creative (Drawing, painting, writing, character creation, RP, anything)

For some of mine (I’m mostly cartooning) I draw some inspiration from conversations and events here on the forum. But for most of the others the idea just ‘Hits me’ is the best way I can describe it and there is no rhyme or reason to it, at work, drawing at home, driving in the car, making tea, an idea will just come out of the blue or that’s how it feels.

So how about you, do you have some technique to help you come up with stuff?

Does it feel random?

Do you have a thinking cap?

Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
I wanna say random...

I get plenty of ideas from my dreams, it's how I came up with more characters and even some better designs of already existing ones.
HOWEVER I also come up with said ideas without dreaming, often planning and thinking more deeply about it, example I've been thinking of how/what to change my sona's clothing to, to match is new thing of being able to make statues and masks as a hobby.

And sometimes I am hit outta nowhere with ideas. Like I could be walking home when I get an idea of: "What if... More fluff on Like."
Joke aside, that's still a good example. >w>


The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
Hmm, I think, for the story I'm currently writing, I've got inspiration from movies, my start here in the fandom (kinda, and how I feel about it), and when I'm going for a walk in nature, where I'm alone.
There, ideas kinda hit me and when I'm home again, I can write more chapters.

Since this is the first time I'm trying something like that, I can not compare it to other situations. ^^

But I have to admit, I've always "created" stories in my head, be it based on a game or just completely random stuff. I've just never wrote it down.


My ideas usually pop out of nowhere and sometimes they derive from a certain scenario I've witnessed. Most are actually totally internally formulated though, created after some focused and careful pondering. There were a group of portuguese comedians who did plenty of great random humorous sketches and they sure brought me a lot of inspiration.

My mind seems to be wired up in such way that it doesn't normally takes much effort to picture some crazy, ridiculous and outlandish scene or concept which may or may not be funny depending on each one's humouristic predisposition.

If only I had a bit more talent and desire towards art making...


If someone is looking for any random ideas then I'm willing to give my current ones away since the way things are panning out, I'm not likely going to draw them anytime soon. It hurts me to say this but its time I give art making a good rest, it simply doesn't makes me happy.


International Man Of Mystery


Fundamentalist Heretic
My ideas are spawned after many nights of sleep deprivation and many pots of coffee. Basically, my normal state. :confused:


Well-Known Member
I think my ideas come from everywhere. I tend to get lost in thought a lot so I get "inspired" a lot.

Like.... I think I'll share this old idea since I left MLP a long time ago.

I had this story that was gonna write called "Dead Hearts: Take me Somewhere Nice"

The story and the name of the title were inspired by these 2 songs

and it eventually lead to me getting an editor for the story and even having this drawing done for it.


While the story was inspired by 2 songs. I was aiming for a feeling similar to House M.D. where the main characters personal issues are front and center and it's made clear you can't always solve your issues in life. Some unfair things happen and you can't do anything about it.

Hell, Dead Hearts was also inspired by House M.D. if you really wanna get down to some of the ideas that show gave me. But back to the plot.

The story would have centered around, Raffles the zonkey you see in the picture crying his eyes hugging his adopted Father Feather Pen. The story would have been on his birthday and his Mother (the blue pony) would have came all the way to visit him for his birthday since she cares and loves him dearly and at that point and time they would have lived millions of miles apart. His parents living in the country side while he was living in the city doing work as a private detective.

So paying a visit in her mind would be nice. Flash forward she goes visits and brings his father only one issue. His Dad has Alzheimer's and a pretty bad case at that. To the point he doesn't remember his wife or his son at all and gets very easily confused about who they are.

So when she brings him over to Raffles. It kinda really, really upsets Raffles. Because you don't want to see your parent in a state like that. You don't like the feeling of them not knowing who the Hell you are. It breaks his heart horribly. Because no matter how times Raffles has seen him like that before in the past. It was just awful every single time.

A fucking horrible experience and the whole story would have just dealt with Raffles trying to come to terms with that idea for the final time and realize n matter how hard he has it. It must be ten times worse for his mother and most of all his Father so him realizing that would have been some development for him as a character.

Since I originally made Raffles to be a selfish character who only cares about himself but overtime that shell would been cracked and exposing more humanity to him and showing him trying to better himself.

And a lot of these were just inspired by daily life. The books I read and shows I watch and the music I listened to.

Ideas come to me a lot because I'm seeking ideas from everywhere I go.


Spongefrog Bluepants
Some of my music came to mind in a random bus trip. Sometimes I'm composing and it just flows like water, I feel hypnotized in the process. Most of the planned tracks were either commissions or remixes sent to OC ReMix.

Sources of inspiration vary. Could be the ocean noises, my memories from the home town, the process of making pizza (that's how I made Secret of Mozzarella), penguins marching for independence, the possible taste of being punched by a blue musical frog, and just about anything else that pops into mind

Deleted member 111470

It's random - sometimes I think about them, sometimes they pop up in my mind for no reason, sometimes I dream them - but I mostly copy things that I like and change them to my liking.

Ra'ara Su'nai

The golden-voiced fox
My ideas come from my brain! Where else?

Nah, in all seriousness, I draw my best ideas from music. The song doesn't even need to have lyrics. Just the emotions, the feeling from the song, can often inspire me what direction to go.


The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
My ideas come from my brain! Where else?

Nah, in all seriousness, I draw my best ideas from music. The song doesn't even need to have lyrics. Just the emotions, the feeling from the song, can often inspire me what direction to go.
Ever drawn to Pink Floyd? ;)

The Grey

Lost in a forest of stars
My creative ideas come to me randomly, thoughts and feelings simply coalesce into fully formed concepts on the spot. They can be inspired by anything at all, landscapes I've walked through or imagined as parable, concepts I've heard through songs/albums that I expand upon, or philosophical and esoteric concepts that inform my existence. Once formed I refine the ideas and figure out how to represent them in my artistic style. For visual works I rely heavily on colour contrasts to represent emotions and thematic concepts that underlie the piece, and paint the pictures in my head. There's usually no pattern to the ideas I get, but I often find my most interesting ideas come to me after long periods of unrest at about 5am, there's a bizarre consistency to it.


aka Cutter Cat
Sometimes I'm aworking on a project and research it and the idea is pretty obvious. Sometimes the ideas just fall out of the sky and land on me.


For me it's probably 75% random, 25% careful thought. I'm a pretty good brainstormer when I put my mind to it, I just do so don't all that often. More of that 25% comes from trying to build off of random ideas honestly. :p


Finally comfortable in my fur!
I simply look around for inspiration, then birth them from my mind vagina.... Wait, did I just type that?


I just make stuff that I think looks nice. One of my brothers and I had a talk about how we didn't get the whole "what was your inspiration for this" thing while we attended college (both art degrees).
We both just kind of draw whatever comes to mind. Usually there's no backstory or 'reason' beyond a random idea. I'm not the most creative person, I know. lol