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Where to find a girl that is like this?

Krystal Harmonia

OP sounds like me 2 years ago. However, after waiting and waiting, I finally found someone like myself. It may take awhile, but it'll happen, buddy. You usually have to wait until you graduate and move out first, though. The pickings are slim in high school.


Looking for furry girl with similar intrests on a furry forum, OP is 17

But seriously the fandom aint a lifestyle. Just move about. Say hi to random girls, Iunno. Don't resort to a damned forum as if finding your dream girl is a game of where's waldo. And, you're 17, a year older than I am. She's not going to drop into your lap tomorrow. Concentrate on school.
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Emotional Mess
Im gonna have to agree with the countless people in this thread, just worry about finishing your education and getting your life started, love will happen eventually
Hell Im 20, and honestly the only things Im worried about are finishing my AA, getting a job and moving out...finding love is pretty low on my list atm, and Im older than you

Yes, people like me would LOVE to find that special someone and it feels like sometimes there isnt anyone out there thats going to share the similar interests as you and be perfect for you, but really there is, just dont go searching for them day and night, eventually youll cross paths with plenty of people
Hell I know plenty of girls that love anime and video games (not sure about the furry thing), so really its not hard to find people with interests like that
Give it time buddy, things work out in the end

Tiger In A Tie

Say what now?
I have gone out with people without similar interests and it all ends in heartbreak, it just doesn't seem fair

Having similar interests =/= automatically compatible personalities and lifestyles

Just look deeper at how you approach relationships and maybe you'll have more success.