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Where to shop for plushies - Plushie Proximity Locator?


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So I've started to realize that there aren't very many retail stores that sell plushies (at least, non-lame ones). There is at least one web site out there that lists a few stores by location but doesn't give a whole lot of information and hasn't been updated in years. Which gave me an idea... why not create some sort of online, searchable database of plushie stores? More accurately, it's an excuse for me to learn Perl and create something practical in the process, but at least one other furry that I know agrees with me that it's a good idea.

Does anyone think they'd use such a thing? Basically what I'm envisioning is a search engine where you can type in a location or possibly a set of keywords and you'll get a list of stores close to your location (worldwide). From there you can pull up comments about the stores, or rate them, or confirm they still exist (or don't exist). Users could also submit their own entries that include at a minimum the location of the store, but can comment as much as they want about what the selection is like. Hopefully it could be set up so that users don't have to create login IDs and passwords to use it, and still not have the database spammed to death, but that's another problem. The best part is that it wouldn't rely on the knowledge of one person who will probably stop updating it in a year or two.

So, good idea? Bad idea? Any other features you'd like to see if it becomes a reality?



that sounds like a fantastic idea and something i would deffinitly use a lot... i get tired of calling up so many different strores asking if they carry this or that just to find out they dont.... i tend to find myself always wanting to buy something unique or hard to find so a website that would tell me what local store i could find it at would be awesome... sounds like the website would make it really big like google... but at the same time it would be hard to do


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I'd definitely use it. I've been having an insane amount of trouble tracking down plushies to temporarily replace my cats while I'm away from home (I miss them so ;_;), and the only place that I know carries plushies is Toys R Us. . .And I swear that they've cut back on those, too. :/

Ordering online isn't really an option for me, either, so anything that could help me find actual physical stores would be greatly appreciated.


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I just use eBay...

And the problem with a search engine would be monitoring stock.

Every store is going to say that they stock everything which they have a part code for, but when you go in-store, 3/4 of it will be order only.


I'm selling some miscellaneous plushies at a name-your-own price. Pm me if you're interested (I need to get rid of these things...)

Private sellers like ebay are the best, imo. And that sounds like an awesome idea...even if I'm biased. :p


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It seems that everything has to make noise and flash pretty lights and be digital to be sold now days. I was surprised at the lack of them too at the store I worked at.