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Where would your furry live?


Where I live now. I like where l live and my furry would fit in easy here too.


in the woods by a river, in a nice 2 story log cabin - 1 mile out of town. (this is also my dream house.) also he does not live like a hermit.


In a fairly large house located in the mountains of a cold winter climate by a river that is secluded from urban civilization.


Human in the Fandom
Most of my furs are city furs. Their times would depend on the setting.


The Laconic Draconic
I'd be somewhere where there are cliffs, caves and blue skies. Somewhere like the "home" I remember my dragonselves liking. Probably somewhere around Arizona/someplace with a dry desert climate.


Tom Servo
Ideally? Lexington Kentucky, or a suburb thereof.

Wontoon Kangaroo

That Cartoon Kangaroo
Well, I'm torn between some areas.

A nice and vibrant cartoony forest, like in "Horton Hears a Who" or The Wuzzles.

Or a nice and quiet suburban area.

Or why not a nice and vibrant cartoony forest in midst of a quiet suburban area? One of those three should work.


I'm the Pikabunny boy
Never though where he might live... I'd say in the woods hiding from people who try to squeeze him to death from being so cute. ^^


Just a friendly robot
Oslo, Norway is where he is usually.
He summers in Hammerfest, Norway.
Went to the Netherlands once. He liked it there.