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Where've you been/what did you do this summer?



So it's summer and people go to vacation and whatnot. At least some do. If you did, where have you guys 'n gals 'n anything in between been lately? Or where are you scheduled to go?

Personally, I only recently moved to the south of my country for about two weeks now, to my pa's native town. It's... Not an optimal accomodation for my tastes. I talk about it more in depth in this thread but if you don't feel like reading it imma tell you here that I basically don't like it. Uninteresting town with uninteresting people, shitty internet, nothing but fields up where the eye can see. This is the TLTR version

Still, Cyanomega suggested to go out, be outdoorsy, and that's what I did (thanks lad)

1) I went with my cousin to the forests at the base of the local mountain, along with her boyfriend, a friend and two tracking dogs. Why the tracking dogs? Well we were there for a reason: to find truffles. It took us about 10 minutes or so to get to the spot by jeep (the road was so damaged and littered with holes and trenches that it was unusable by regular, lower vehicles). As soon as we get to the forest we get swarmed by fucking horseflies. Seriously, the forests were infested with the little shits, so throughout all the time we spent searching truffles I was constantly flapping my hands to make 'em piss off. Oh and you gotta love when they fly right by your ear. Still, I had my camera with me and managed to make some pretty nice pictures. I would love to show 'em to y'all but my camera is refusing to let me download the photos to my computer for some reason. At the end of the day, the catch was poor. We barely scrounged up anything which was also due to the fact that we were preceded. It was good to go for a walk though: I need it, seeing how sedentary I am. I also loved making them photos

2) Yesterday I walked the dirt road that was behind our house and cuts through the fields. In the evening, of course, since during the day it's scorching hot. So I walk, just chilling. It was good to be alone actually: at home my relatives always have to bring up the fact that I spend too much time on the computer. Since I had enough of their shit I just got out. So I was walking this road when I stumbled upon a creature I had never seen before. It was laying in the grass so I couldn't see it from afar. When I did see it I got scared: I thought the thing was sleeping and that, had it awoken, it would have attacked me. But then I realized it couldn't: the badger (that's what the thing was) was dead. There were flies, the nasty shiny green ones, all over the place so I chose not to get too close. That shit's gross yo. The carcass didn't stink either and it seemed pretty intact. It must have died recently and if I have to make an assumption I'd say it either died of disease, maybe even of old age or (and this is the most plausible scenario) that it was killed by the local roaming dogs (Amiir, best CSI agent yet, bitches, OOOOOOOOOOOO-AH-E-OO-OO-OO-OO). Anyway, I kept walking the road when I got to a point where it got muddy. It rained abundantly just 2 days ago and I was about to realize just how wet the road had gotten. Naively, I chose to cross a segment that was darker in color than the others I had crossed. I make a few steps and then... Plop! I sink in the mud almost to my knees. Yeeeaaah not very smart. At that point I'm like ''nope'' and head back. It was a pretty funny situation actually, I would have loved to laugh about it with someone by my side
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It's winter here and I am freezing my arse off.


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I quit doing dope, hitchiked and train hopped from nor-cal across the south to colorado, got a job and tried to be not homeless, the ended up going back home cuz my dad had a heart attack and begged me to come help him out. Other than that I lost some weight and quit cigarettes.


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Same thing we do every summer pinky... Try to take over the world!


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I've gotten pretty hammered every weekend for the past few weeks. Judging from the work related news I got today, I'll be riding the moscow mule the next couple weekends too.


Man, I've been working for the weekend all freakin' summer but I did make it down to southern Florida in June for a few days. HOT. In two weeks we're headed to The Outer Banks of NC for a week. Damn sharks.


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I've been at home for most of the summer not being able to do anything for medical reasons.


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I usually don't take vacations. Been taking some night classes to supplement my degree and get a little programming experience. Trying to get another job. Going to some of my first ever furmeets.

The Summer of Furry Socializing and Job Drudging. Not all bad.


1) Went to CU for summer program(On Campus)
>Classes: AP English, Introduction to Playwriting, ACT Prep
>Won Team Introduction Night
>Won Speech & Debate
> Got on second honor's trip
> Faced my fears in rock climbing
> Presented poem : "Moths"
>Got rekt by a 'newb'. (She's one of the best poets I ever met)
> Went to Six Flags on final trip
> Introduced to Gaia Online

2) Home
> Went to Six Flags again as a birthday gift ( DOB: July 31st / Trip: August 1st)
> Nearly Platinum-Trophied GT6 (Currently at 89%)
> Produced a nice stream of Youtube videos
> Being more active on the forums
> Sharpening Racing Ability (both in and out of game)
> Getting ready to go back to Six Flags just to go on Kingda Ka


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Well, I did a few things that I really haven't done before, so I guess I did well for myself.


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The only notable things I did in terms of traveling is AC and driving to Delaware to visit a friend. Other than that I jerked off a lot and worked.

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Several horse-camping trips with my sig-other.

We got rained on every single time but still had fun.

Lots of short day-riding trail rides with the horses, too.

Got our hay in for the year. 224 bales in the loft, plus another 60 or so downstairs.

Put up new pasture fence.

Fixed some existing pasture fence.

Cleared some timber from a back pasture and have it stacked and ready to be split for firewood.

Declared myself totally unwilling to put any more effort into my job after the crap they've pulled on us this year. Must be time to start looking for a new one. Sigh. After six years I was just getting comfortable, too.


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While at LARP last month an incredible thing happened. We were dressed as non player characters ready to ambush some unwitting players, but they were being held up down the path so we were quietly getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. (40 bites by the end of it, my back looked like I was a leper apparently) It was night and there was no moon, so it was exceedingly dark. Suddenly we hear an odd noise in the woods, it does not sound human, nor birdlike at all. It was high pitched and loud, coming from the woods to the left of us.

Takes me a moment to put the sound together.

It was a fox yiffing.


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Well summer is kinda over its like fall turnover for me but still hot.

well didn't do much other then come here and explore
practice flute
crossed to Mexico
went to Cali in San
went to leadership camp up north of AZ
Play Video games
and practice drawing


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Ah you kids and your mid year holidays. Oh to be young again.


I found out about and got involved in the fandom! :p looked around the forums a bit and started trying to make some fur suits :) other than that I've just been working a manufacturing internship and waiting for the next semester to start


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Slept in, stayed up all night making stupid videos, and fapped to furries.