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Which branch would you join?

If you had to, which branch of the US armed forces would you join?

  • Army

    Votes: 18 24.0%
  • Marines

    Votes: 22 29.3%
  • Navy

    Votes: 19 25.3%
  • Air Force

    Votes: 37 49.3%
  • Coast Guard

    Votes: 22 29.3%

  • Total voters


Form of a.. College Nerd!
Coast Guard, Since i was a kid i wanted to do that stuff, but due to seizures i nvr got the chance


I live, I die, I live again
Air force, only if I can have "Highway to the Dangerzone" playing nonstop whenever I am flying.

Other than that, I have no idea. :V


FAF's #1 Terrorist
The band geek in me says to join the Marines, just so I can join the Marine Corps Band

But other than that, I dunno
I don't think I have what it takes :/
I always wanted to be a pilot, but my vision isnt up to par :(. I guess I could be a loadmaster or something, just anything o get me in the air


Taking it easy :P
I would join the navy, I like being out at sea.


I'm planning on joining the Canadian Land Forces through the Royal Military College. I'll most likely go in with the intention of becoming an officer in the artillery or engineers.
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'Net Help Desk
Navy, and did. Eight 1/2 years of honorable service.


¤Resident Crazy Wolfdog¤
The Army I guess.
I'd be working with the dogs though.

Lucy Bones

I would join the medical branches of any military force, but if I had to fight, I guess I'd choose Air Force.


uh oh stinky
i can't join the military because i am gay and semi-sociopathic, and i can never fly jets because i'm colorblind. works for me!


Hey, Assbutt
I'm technically qualified to be an Air Force mechanic.

I can use both duct tape and zipties.

And I am not even slightly exaggerating when I say that one of my friends is an RAF mechanic. He works on the jet fighters, top models, expensive jets. And the stories I hear about whats held on with duct tape is terrifying.

Dammit, when one of the Hercules planes had a hole fall out the side in flight, they fixed it with duct tape and a teapot.


Rude Camera
Joining the Air Force next year. Hopefully I'll score high enough on the ASVAB to qualify for Aerial Gunner. If not, I'll do vehicle maintenance.


Lined my brain with more eyes
I might try for the air force but I wouldn't mind the marines ether. I don't think I would do good near the water.


Sanity? What's that?
Marines possibly

but I am a wimp and don't want to die so I am not interested in really joining the armed forces any time soon.

(dang it I can't get out of italics for some reason)


Soaked In Sin
I've got friends in the Air Force, and my neighbor / friend Ralph is there... Soo... Most likely Air force.


the designated hype man
i would be a marine

but i would join anything as long as its not the army


it smells like dust and moon light
Cousin was in the navy, and from what he said, it sounded meh.

I think I would love flying though.