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Which Decade Are You?




Either in the 80's, or far into the future where there's an option of eternal life for those who have eternal curiosity.


The 50's first, I would like to see how it was, the streetcars, the life back then.

get a computer laptop from today back then, you can know what will happen and win lottery, horse racing and other stuff.

The 60's hmm ohh yea, the cars back then where cool. And the 70's where nudity was also normal, in a way. The 80's hmm the music heavy metal, twisted sister, joanjett and the blackheart. The 90's with the big cell phone and early pentium computers.

Going into the past you can commit a crime and get back to the present. Like a holdup :) Since I was born in the late 60's go back in the 50's and make the future, your computer would be like 70 years old and still more advance that anything there is. A master computer who will rule the world *maniacal laugh*


Lost in the Static
Mid to late 1980s, when Nintendo ruled supreme and heavy metal was gaining popularity. Also, I would love a 1985 Chevrolet Camaro ZR1.


any decade before the shitty politicians in the federal government decided they had to control every aspect of our lives