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Which Instrument Should I Learn to Play Next?


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Hey everyone,
Today, I was thinking to myself that I need to learn another new instrument to keep myself busy. I've already had a fair share of experience playing instruments. For instance, the piano, violin, french horn, mellophone, drums, trumpet, flute, xylophone, saxophone, and an ocarina. Now, my question is: which instrument should I learn to play next? I'm thinking either the guitar or a ukulele. What do you all think? What's your experience in learning how to play the guitar and/or ukulele? Thanks for all your answers!


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The Otamatone. :V

I'd go with the guitar over the ukulele, but then again I'm a little biased.


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We can't really tell you which instrument to get because we would just be listing our preferences. My advice to you would be to go to a local music store and see what they have. Pick up the mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, guitars, harps or whatever other stringed instruments are there (i'm assuming that you want to learn to play some sort of stringed instrument based on the OP) and play around with them for a while, see which ones you like playing the most.


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KingoftheCats just said everything I was going to. See which you like. If you know your chords (your piano experience will help here), that'll be super useful for guitar. Also, to read some guitar music, you'll have to know what tabs are. It's a weird way of writing music to make it easier to read chords than traditional sheet music, but I honestly prefer the good ol' staff n' clef.


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or if you wanna be an uber music hipster, take up the lute, the lyre and the harpsichord.


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Theremins are really cheap and really cool. Only $500 for the Moog.



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Ooh! I love those! If someone ever got me a theremin, I think I would pledge my life to them or something. I'm not sure how I'd react with all of that excitement.

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I would say play the guitar because im learning how to play it and its a lot of fun but the ukele would be easier to learn


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