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Which search engine you like the most and why?


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Which search engine you like the most and why?
I think Google Image Search is far better than yahoo and
Yahoo's Search assist is better than Google.
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Captain Spyro

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Google for most stuff, Lycos for everything else.

Ah, I remember the Yahoo vs. Lycos days. ^_^


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Nowadays, I don't think there's much that can rival Google's engine, largely because of the time they've had to improve and contribute to it's scary knowledge of everything out there.

When I first got on the Net around 1995, WebCrawler was one of the better ways to search the then 44 million known pages. Surprisingly, they're still around today as a portal that combines the results from all major search engines.


I see the goal before me
Google just because the mainpage is very clean without any advertisement etc etc.

I can't really say if its actually more accurate than other search engines.

Shred Uhh Sore Us

i just use google, its my default search engine and i dont see any point in going anywhere else.


Hotbot.....back in the day, before it sucked. Dogpile if I'm really looking for something obscure, Google for everything else.

Shred Uhh Sore Us



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Google since 1999. InfoSeek before then, and the Yanoff List before that.

All because at the time it returned the most relevant results. I'll switch to something else if it somehow gives results more relevant than Google.


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Sometimes Yahoo.


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Googlegooglegooglegoogle is gone so I'll settle for google...

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just because it has more shit, and I have an addon that lets me preview thumbnails of sites before I click on them.

Used Yahoo back when I first started regularly getting on the internet, around 2002 or 2003.