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Which side of the smash spectrum do you fall under? (See picture)

Which person best describes the way you play in brawl? (See image below)

  • I'm definately the guy on the left.

    Votes: 21 24.1%
  • I'm definately the guy on the right.

    Votes: 25 28.7%
  • I'm the guy in the middle. You just can't see me because I'm a ninja.

    Votes: 41 47.1%

  • Total voters



Which player describes you best when it comes to SSBB?


That Welsh Red Dragon
I'm quite sad...i study the chars and figure out was they are good and bad at.


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Definitely the guy on the right. Rack up the damage, and hit 'em hard. No strategy.


Somewhere in the middle, cause I'm too dumb to be the guy on the left and falcon is a dick.

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Smash sucks, I like Street Fighters more!


back'n up back'n up
I'm in the middle, eventually the guy on the left. When I play a game long enough I get ridiculously good at it.

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With street Fighters here, You don't unlock half the roster.
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NINJA! And I chose middle one, for two reasons.
1) I've never played SSBB
2) I'm a Ninja. If you couldn't guess. NINJA!!!

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Better?, How?. The only reason smash is good at all is the "I remember him/her from that other game I played when I was a kid".


Hamburger time.
When a cpu Blanka can walk towards you and does a cannonball, ignoring button input. I'll stick to SSB.

Anyway, I'm kinda in the middle. I can focus enough to attack, dodge, and counter human and cpu wisely, but I occasionally spam projectiles to encourage them to get closer.


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Neither. Aggressive and unpredictible.


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Hm. Is this some kind of commentary on the "hardcore" vs. "casual" players? It's obvious that the guy on our left is a left-brainer while by contrast, the guy on the right is a no-brainer.

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Soren Tylus

I'm a strategist. Not to the extreme, but I try to think of what move I will use at least 10 seconds before I use it. I like to draw out a battle long enough to see what my enemies' strategy is and develop a strategy against it. If my enemy is a random button masher, I can still form a strategy based on the character they use.

With a perfect strategy, all one needs is execution. And I execute my enemies...


Middle. I do plan my moves, but not that much. xD Also, I'm teh supa ninja. FEER MEEEEEEE