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Which webbrowser(s) do you use for the internet?

Which Browser?

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Just wondering which browser(s) you use for browsing the internet. Just wondering which one most people use. For me I use Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Mainly Firefox

None of the above: I use Waterfox, Vivaldi and Sea Monkey.

Waterfox: This one works like Firefox used to.

Sea Monkey: Combines e-mail client with web browser (and other functions I don't use as I prefer to code HTML myself). Both work very well. The only downside is Sea Monkey doesn't import Firefox bookmarks easily.

Vivaldi: A fork off Opera that simply works like Opera used to. Is especially good when opening sites that are video heavy since it uses Chromium as its back end. Imports Firefox/Waterfox bookmarks easily.


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I use Firefox.


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Just to give it a try and see if it's for you (y)

Not sure if it's that much faster than Chrome but the way you can manage workflow and various multitasks and what not, organize your bookmarks and home pages makes everything so much better. The tiling system is really snazzy too.
Vivaldi is better than average. And I think good for less than five web-pages. Sometime the reloading stops and resume automatically. Core i5 8600k. So no prob with the pc.
Anyway thanks for the suggestions.

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Personally prefer using Chrome. Sometimes I'll use Firefox if a web page is giving problems in Chrome

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I use Google chrome because I use a Chromebook so I really have no other choice of web browsers.

Niedlich the Folf

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Yes, you can't install firefox or anything except hosted apps inside chrome browser. Your browser is faster than other windows or linux based chrome, I think.
Oh yeah I have noticed a difference between the Chromebooks chrome browser and a Windows 10 computers chrome browser as the Chromebooks is faster by 2 seconds.


I knew Chrome was going to be popular since it has the best UI available right now.


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My primary browser is Google Chrome for my PC. Over the years I’ve used Firefox, IE, and Opera but keep coming back to Chrome.


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Mozarella Firecocks


Firefox all the way. Open source, fast and customisable to the extreme. Anyone who says it isn't customisable is doing it wrong. Chrome doesn't let you drag and drop UI elements as far as I know.


Chrome all the way. I use safari on my iphone though, I just never bothered to change it as I mostly use my PC for anything that matters. the added speed from chrome is wasted
on my phone because I have ultra-slow virgin mobile data service. Hard to justify anything else when it's unlimited for 1 dollar a month for a whole year.

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Used to use Window IE, but I had a Windows 10 update, and suddenly IE went from "Internet Explorer" to "Intensely Excruciating"... so I switched to Chrome. Not too happy about it, but no choice.