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While I was shopping


Plus if you use the refer a friend program you get stuff for free and whatnot!

My refer a friend link---> http://www.coupaw.com/?rid=473871

I hope you guys don't mind me posting this here ^-^ I always love to find good deals XD not an extreme coupon-er or anything. I just thought it was cool.


That's super ugly pinkie. I was hoping for something super cool but that's just super ugly. Like spiked collar ugly.


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I'm not a fan on the LED stuff. But a traditional leather collar, maybe with a ring for a leash, wouldn't be out of my wheelhouse.

Sadly, the LED just makes it look like a gaudy Fourth-of-July trinket for a horny raver. Simpler is better.

Thanks for the link, nonetheless though!


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Wow I can't even get rid of the stupid "subscribe to our site" box. God that is fucking obnoxious.

Butters Shikkon

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Lol. Awesome simile. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that thing

Well, I hope not. It seems to be a novelty item for dogs. I never could get into buying pet collars for furries. Chokers are so much classier.

(Also, 8 dollars seems like a fair price for those things. ^^; I can't imagine someone ever paying 50.)


Wow I can't even get rid of the stupid "subscribe to our site" box. God that is fucking obnoxious.

That's another thing. I couldn't even get a good look at the damn ugly collars.


You have to be pure of heart, you two. :V

Do not tell me I am not pure of heart. My heart is pure anger. I've been awake for over 24 hours I am angry about tacky shitty LED collars that have NO RIGHT being $50.


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I had those in my dog boutique for a while. They're shoddy at best, and cumbersome. I had to clearance them at a loss. I recommend getting a nice leather collar that already has a weave, or cutting the leather so you can weave your own string LEDs, preferably one where you can hide the battery back easily.


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im actually surprised that everyone else is such a hater of these , I actually rlly kinda like them