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Whine Or Live Fearlessly (Heavy Metal Band)


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HEY, GUYS!!! My band, Whine Or Live Fearlessly (W.O.L.F.), just finished our demo album, "Metal Rebels". It's got some insane thrash riffs, as well as some classic heavy metal riffs. Sadly, we can't play live at the moment, as I had to fir my bass player. The drums were written by an actual drummer who was in the band, but he had to move...so...it's me (vocals, rhythm guitar) and my lead guitarist.

You can download the entire demo on MediaFire:
With a little higher quality recordings, cleaner guitars (the solo was a bit rough on 'Trust'), and a drummer that isn't falling asleep behind his kit, I see potential. The riff was pretty catchy, couldn't hear the vocals too well (may also want to switch styles or belt out more), but it's definitely all there - Just a little more work needs to be put into it.