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Whiskers? A question.

Just wondering for all you fluffy, fuzzy fursuiters out there.... what the heck do you use for whiskers? I've been looking everywhere for something to use and I'm stumped.

And if you don't have a clue either perhaps a suggestion for a material? I want something light, white and bendy, but not hold its bend (like a twist tie or pipe cleaner) just, stiff ish but flexible. Kinda like cable ties, only a little softer and not bumpy. Does that even make sense? Lol, I think i got the jist of it out there ^.=.^



If I ever had the inclination to make (or get made) a fursuit, I'd make my whiskers out of optic fibres. A sort-of in-joke. That only I understand... :(


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Yeah, using Fishing line.
hmm thanks, i'll have to try those, go have a look at wal mart or a hardware store...were would you even get optic cable fibers anyway? fishing line might work, i'll have to have a look...thanks!
You can also look into thin line used on weed whackers if the monofiliment isn't as thick as you would like. I think I'd want the monofiliment myself.
In some cases you can melt the monofiliment in half and pull as you do it to get long thin tapers(when it finally parts). Takes several tries to get it right, but then, it's monofiliment, so it's not costly.
Don't burn yourself, and don't get the melted plastic on you.


Orlith Nemeth said:
were would you even get optic cable fibers anyway?

Well, therein lies the "in-joke". My day job is in experimental physics with light - we use optic fibers all the time. So I know at least where the good quality stuff comes from. I'm sure cheap stuff isn't hard to come by.

Not that I'm recommending it. Just sayin'.