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Who did this? Obviously Satan.


I want to see what everyone thinks is so ungodly that Satan himself hand crafted it in the deepest pits of hell. So feel free to tell the story of why this thing you think is of the like.
So here is my Satan Crafted object:
Rough Toilet paper

Obviously whoever thought this was a good idea just wanted to see millions of people across the world lose their butts to the great sandpaper war of this day and age.


hai guiz wuts goin on in hur
Satan: "I'm going to make your people into abominations!"

God: "You wouldn't dare!"

Satan: *casts evil spell*

God: "You sick son of a bitch! Well, I guess I better abandon this planet and start over."

This is the conversation between God and Satan the day furries were created.

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Jesus and God. :V


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Satan: "Ha! Ive created a group of people who are not only the most hateful people on this earth, but use your word to justify!"
God: "You sick bastard!"


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University fees...


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University fees...


Our university actually thinks it's quite comical when people complain about the sandpaper they give us.
I blame the patriarchy. Fucking cis scum ruin everything. Hear that cissies? YOU GUYS ALL SUCK!

Your mom is probably "Cis-Scum", as is likely your father, and your favorite aunt, and your kindergarten teacher and the nice old lady who gives people cookies and, well, about 98% of humanity.
Seriously man, that's beyond being racist/ homophobic.
And it makes no sense that you would hate feminists/lesbians yet hate cis people too.

You're obviously the spawn of satan ^_^