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Who else like crazy music?


Rara for short :)
While my musical taste is pretty wide, there's nothing I love more than those extreme punk-metal-discordant songs (it's not really about genre, everything crazy and intense I might like)

Wich shocks a lots of people because I'm that sweet, shy and gentle girl who is against any kind of violence (except fictional) and believe kindness can change the world. Wich is kinda funny :3

But since most people are really really not into this and this is what I listen to the most, when we gather as friends and listen to music, and it's my turn to put on a song, I often don't know what to choose lol.

Anyway here are examples of what I like (Warning, some of these songs may not be suitable for young ears):

Anyone else likes that sort of music?
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Regrettably, I don't much like human screaming in my music, I prefer a melody. Further I often listen to lyric less music (instrumentals) or music with chanting instead of voices.

But, here's an example of something that might be considered a bit edgy for someone like me, who's also a rather quiet person.


Massan Otter

I guess a few things I like could loosely be described as crazy. For example...


Rara for short :)
Thinking about it, I hate when people scream or speak loudly, but I love that sort of music. I'm a living contradiction lol


My taste in crazy comes in the form of intense death metal

This song might be inappropriate for young furs . Just a heads up.



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This is really good music OP! I've never heard stuff like this before!

Although when you said "crazy music", I was more thinking of stuff like this:
Which I like these both but


Rara for short :)
This is really good music OP! I've never heard stuff like this before!

Although when you said "crazy music", I was more thinking of stuff like this:
Which I like these both but
I never heard anything like what you've posted before either :D This is pretty nice!


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My lastfm is filled with crazy music.

I still listen to them and I find that most that qualify are "Guilty Pleasures".

Examples being but definitely not limited to: KK Slider, Crazy Frog, Holly Dolly, Gummibar and Weird Al just to name a few.

Songs that do no match my personality at all (But I still listen to) are: Orchestra, Opera and Boy-band Pop. I hated Boy-band Pop as a hatch-ling, but growing up I tended to have accepted them more and enjoy some of what artists have released related to said genres.

Hope this qualifies as being "on-topic" =D


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well here is three different types of crazy for you

this one just sounds like it was made by aliens, but the more I listened to it the more I liked it.
then there is a metal band with a bird singer, which makes for a good alarm clock alarm
and then the closest thing to what you posted that i normally listen to is this


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I've never been too into anything extraordinarily crazy I suppose. I gravitate toward lyrics, varied song writing, and punishing guitar riffs rather than a racking up as much BPM as possible and cramming the melody together which seems to be the goal in some people's minds, which is why most death metal loses my interest (besides Death, I like that band).

If there's any extreme, crazy music that I listen to, this is it. Can't go wrong with a strong cup of thrash metal. I'm obsessed with this band, I can't find an album I dislike. The vocalist I look up to and the bassist is so cool, AHHH!



I don't know why but I really like weird accents, specially if they are russian or japanese


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