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Who has an actual furry tatoo???


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I got one, i was planing on getting another, but the the guy i was going to see has moved some where.

Goldenwolf, nice! I have one that she did a trade with me for the only time I made it to AnthroCon.... as well as a tribal dragon across the small of my back that I designed myself...


Desperately trying 2be creativ
I should totally get a giant :V tattoo on my back, then everyone would know what a badass I am.

Well, at least you got the ass part right...


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ive got 6 furry tattoos ^_^




all the rest can be found herehere


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I actually am going to have a pair of wings tattooed on my back. (My main chara's name is Angl)

And I actually will wind up with Angl and Aehry on me somewhere....

For some people their characters are extensions of who they are. Not just a fad. So I could understand someone wanting a tattoo of it. It just depends on how serious you are about your chara and the 'Real Whirled'.

I'm not technically a furry, either. My characters were just there in my head helping me to get away from the real world (in stories and drawings and such) when I just couldn't cope with it. So they mean a lot to me.

I'm also aware of the 'OMG IT'S THERE FOR LIEK EVER' thing too. I already have a tattoo that most people don't get. What's another? Plus, my skin's going to get all gross and wrinkly anyways, so why shouldn't it at least be colorful? : D It makes for interesting stories when you get old. n_n

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Look up :iconjohnofe:'s account and click through his gallery. He has pictures of his tattoo of the 'love of his life'. =3


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I got a Tiger on my right arm an a Drogon on my left Arm which goes to my chest... When you wanna see it... Look at my FA page^^
I´m to lazy to search it right now^^


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I have a pawprint on my right shoulder. I decided to exclude the nails because I thought that it would cover a broader range of animals. I'm happy with it, except that my mate got one exactly the same, and it's darker black, and I want mine colored again.


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lol i love my tattoos and i think i would be proud to have them for life none of these were spur of the moment and there all individually drawn from an idea not copied. And for those people who say that theyll fade and look bad in a few years, thats not nessisarilly true. most good and established artists guarentee thier work for life in some cases and will do free touchups when they begin to fade.

also i plan to have paw prints tattooed into the palms of my hands within this year ^_^


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I know most people would be like WTF but who has one?!

If so, post a pic, if not... who has pics of those who do!?

...I have kanji on my shoulder for "wolf", but I honestly don't consider it furry. I just appreciate my heritage and wolves themselves. I also am getting a rib piece done, but... that's more like a werewolf thing? So that's not furry either.

Honestly. I'd never get a "furry" tattoo. I just like wolves.


I have a Dragon with dragonfly wings on my back, that Zaaz drew for me. I dont currently have a picture of it scanned in (of my back) but I did find the original piece on a cd :3
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First - I am an advicator of only getting tattoos if they mean something to you on a personal level. I really don't understand people that get cartoon characters or the same cardboard cutouts that the previous 50 people also got, but every person is responsible for their own happiness.

I have two tattoos that I got in the past year (one's 3inches on my right hip and the other covers pretty much my whole back), both of which I've designed myself, both of which were done by a reputable, licensed artist that came highly recomended by several friends. Neither one are furries (I do celtic knotwork stuff), but I have designed a dragonfly in the same style for a very dear friend of mine. I wouldn't mind getting something wolfish, but I'd have to design it myself.

My point is that because it's MINE (ie - showing off both my heritage and my skill) I'm proud to wear it - even if it will get old and wrinkly along with the rest of me.

... Great... now I'm trying to figure out a good design for a new tattoo... I should post the ones I already have (will make designs for others!)

Oh and major tip for those who've never had one but are considering: TATTOOS HURT! At least for me, they did. The outlines hurt more than the coloring, but after the endorphines kicked in I got all giggly so it wasn't quite so bad.


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It all comes down to pain tolerance too.
With me it did not hurt very much as I have a high pain tolerance.

But every one is different ;)


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I'm definitely getting a pawprint somewhere... I'm not positive where. Maybe one of either side of my hips or on my back or something. :V And I wanna get one of a wolf...Probably howling...And who knows what's to come x3 If I ever get a mate, then maybe I can get something relating to them.



I don't have a tattoo, but I wouldn't mind a small fox pawprint somewhere inconspicuous.