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Who hates what type of music???


So, I had made song a little while back and some people listened to it and even though they didn't hate it they said they didn't like the genre.

I was just interested in what type of music people really dislike and why?? answer honestly..

Me personally I dislike today's rap music. I feel there's no passion in their songs and that it's really all about the money for them. Now I did like it back in the late 90's and early 2000's, but todays rap sucks.


Lady of the lake
i hate rap and hip hop... i dont know, i just cant stand music like that.
i also hate every song that contains extreme amounts of swearwords or commiting adultery, drugs, alcohol or commiting crimes as its main theme >.> it makes me rage...


i hate rap and hip hop... i dont know, i just cant stand music like that.
i also hate every song that contains extreme amounts of swearwords or commiting adultery, drugs, alcohol or commiting crimes as its main theme >.> it makes me rage...

Yeah, I really don't like songs with all that uneeded content


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You pretty much hit the nail on the head with Hip Hop and R&B nowadays. It wasn't always like that either. Not as prevalent as it is today, anyway. I think Steve Harvey summed up nicely how I feel about Hip Hop and new-style R&B
Steve Harvey - Old Skool

Then there's the heavy sampling. It's almost like a game at work: Guess the song they're ripping off. "Hey....isn't that the theme to Taxi?" And what's with the trend of R&B girls (Mariah Carrey, etc.) using the phrase 'Love you long time' in their lyrics? Am I the only one who knows that's a quote from Full Metal Jacket spoken by a vietnamese hooker?

Mariah Carey - I'll be Lovin' U Long Time
Full Metal Jacket (dialogue not safe for work)

I'll stick to Rock and Metal, thanks ^_^


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Today's rap/hip-hop is fine if you know what you're looking for. Common, Q-Tip, Masta Ace, and Lupe Fiasco are probably more up the alley of people who aren't looking for what I call "flash rap" (though I still listen to TI, Ghostface, and so on).

Anything on the top 100 Billboard stations I can't listen to. It's all the same music to me and it's already been done by artists twice as good as some of these people. Used to be into heavier metal but now I just don't feel like listening to a bunch of guys screaming in the Christian Bale Batman voice over half-assed guitar riffs played really fast so you don't have time to think about it.


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Rap. Mainly because most of it insists to be music, when it's not.

If it didn't insist to be music, I'd be fine with it.

EDIT: Oh yes, and Country. Because I really want to listen to basically a person going "WOO! PATRIOTISM!"


I dislike...

Country, new-generation rap and hip-hop, most types of metal, and electronica (techno, etc. OH HAI I JUST LOOPED A 30 SECOND DRUM BEAT MIXED WITH SOME ANNOYING HIGH-PITCHED SQUEALS FOR 7 MINUTES, IT'S AN INSTANT CLASSIC).


I love rap, but I can't stand most of the mainstream stuff now.

But I don't hate genres much. I dislike pop and country, I don't care much for classical. But any song I hate is limited to the song, not the genre.

@Attaman: Rap/Hip Hop is music. I don't get how just because it's not like Rock and what not does it become "not music". It's like a football fan saying Tennis is not a sport. Just like any genre, however, there are the good songs and the really shitty songs, as well as stuff in between.


Country-western (as it is today, anyway - it's just rockabilly shit with extra twang and thinly veiled church hymns). A lot of rap music is terrible IMO, there ARE definite exceptions to that. Some of that indie shit makes me irritable.

Other than that there isn't much that I genuinely despise.


Anything as long as it 's not by renard v

He got an email from his brother that said, that aliens and monsters were attacking his place!

Only song I like from him, but I really like anything Half-Life related.

As for genres uh...rap, hip hop, and country. I prefer trance/techno.


It's sad for me to see so many people hate hip-hop and not realize exceptions to the crud that's out now.
I hate pop in general nowadays, most rap and hip-hop, most post-80's rock, most "Indie" if we must use that as a genre, country, quite a number of sub-genres in metal, and probably more. I can tolerate techno (and all variations) for a while, but they really aren't my thing for the most part.


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Reggaeton is just about the only type of music I hate, along with most musics I can't understand the lyrics to. (music in other languages)


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I hate Country. I hate Modern Rap.

I hate both for the same reason. They both have the same subject, and same content. One just suger coats itself and the other lets it all hang out. Beyond that the fans of Country tend to mouth off about other music groups being bad such as "Rock or Rap or Hip-Hop" for the use of women as a sex prop, and the drug references and the violence, and it's like, Country does the same thing? Who are they to speak?