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Who here has pets?


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This thread is about owing really life dogs, cats, ect...I own a Siberian Husky, She is 6 months old.have a pic of her on FA.( getting better camera)i Based my fursona off of her(not the gender) her eyes, patterns of her fur is wut i used for drawing... So dose anyone else here own animals? please share...


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I dont really own a pet as much as I take care of the occasional stray. the one I take care of right now is missing one eye, a massive patch of fur right behind his ear and has a broken tail.


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I own 3 cats. One is named Taco, and he is 3 years old. The second is named Socks, and she is 2. And, the third is named Thor, and he is 1.


I have a dog and a cat that thinks she's a dog.


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The family own 2 bouvier des flandres. Trevor and Marge. I own 7 goldfish (5 orandas, 1 fantail and 1 mystery fish), they're sooo cuute and squishy


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I have 1 cat named Santana. wishing I had a dog or a horse instead.


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Outside of the rabid ferrets that run rampant in my Dungeon, I own three slightly tamer ferrets (Names: Aradia, Kodiak [Koda], and Ayame) in real life. Though sadly they are not currently in my possession while they wait out their six month quarantine time before joining their momma in the UK.


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2 dogs, one is a bloodhound the other a lab and a snake. Had some emperor scorpions but they only last 4 years or so and died


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1 cat, Toro (because we found him under a lawnmower), he's a DSH/main coon mix


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Two dachshunds. One is a short red hair female named "Chainsaw" And the other is a male Double Dapple named "Tuffy". My sister also drops her puppy off, which is a female short black-hair Dachshund named "Bitsy" (For "Drillbit")


One little kitty I got from a shelter ^-^

Hopefully a dog one day.


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Oh my! I have lots of pets ^__^ I also volunteer to work with the cats at my local shelter (if you count them, I have about 80 pets! XP)
The pets that actually live with either my mom or dad (I'm at college, so they can't be with me!) include:
2 cockatiels (spelling--sorry!), 3 kitties, 1 silly puppy (mix), and 1 amazon parrot.
However, at one time, on top of those animals, we had 2 greyhounds, another cat, 2 more cockatiels, and 5 chinchillas. ^.^


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I have two cats, one long-haired calico cat named Zombie, and one Blue Russian named Red, for irony. Zombie is an inside kitty because she prefers it, and Red is an outside cat because he prefers it.

I also have two foxes. Both Red, raised like my own babies (which I have none of). Tibitha and Rin.
I also have two Beta fish, Pongo and Perdy; Red and Purple accordingly.

And a chocolate lab stray-ish. I rescued it from an owner about to shoot it :( Then she got parvo, but survived! :) Her name is Remy.
I'd love to get a pet, but the first thing I need to do is move out of my home before I can concentrate on that.
And when I move out I'd be at university anyway so it'd be hard to look after a pet :(

Though when I do finally get one, it'd have to be a dog. I'd probably end up treating him more like an equal than a pet though o_o;


I have one cat. It's of course strange for furry as a fur lover, but my cat is Egyptian and he is bald X3


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i would love a dog maybe a shiba inu and a kitty would be nice but the house im at my parents are renting and the owns aren't pet friendly :C

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Three dogs, two cats. One American Bulldog, one German Shepard, one that appears to be part Chihuahua, part Dachshund, and part mutant squirrel. Cats are black, one with no tail, one with a crooked tail (a rescue, so it was probably broken before we got her, poor thing).