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Who here has pets?


I had a few pets .... that was in the past though now I only have one

Species: Dog
Breed : Mutt between Lab and American Bulldog
Personality: A Hyper playful Guard dog (doesn't like strangers much but when he gets to know you he's really really really playful)
Food : Anything
Views Humans : we are chew toys to him :p

(yes I have pics of him ... though you have to wait a while before I do)
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Lobo Roo

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Arden said:
Breed : Mutt between Lab and American Bulldog

Ooh, have any pictures? And the personality sounds like my German Shepard a lot.


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my neighbor keeps taking care of a weiner dog, but I help look after him so much I guess he could be both of our pets


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LoboRoo said:
one that appears to be part Chihuahua, part Dachshund, and part mutant squirrel.
Hehe, I'd love to see that!

I live in an apartment, which is ridiculously full of pets. I have three African Clawed Frogs- a huge female who's about 9 years old, and two younger males who "sing" me to sleep each night. Also, I've got two rabbits: One fuzzy lop who hates people and is very skittish, and an affectionate brown rabbit with a notch in her ear that I picked up at the pound. My roommate has a pomeranian and a cockatiel. I'd like to adopt a mutt-dog, but I'm going to wait 'til my life settles down a bit.


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i have a huskie and a malamute.the malamute is sierra.the huskie is kosmo.I have pics uploaded on my account.
my dad has a heap of birds.alot of budgies lol that we got 4 free off some lady.
we have a kangaroo which spends alot of time hanging around our house.its not actually ours but its on our property all the time so yeh...
my dogz rock!!


I have a golden retreiver. She's about 3... or 4 I forget.
Her name is Sasha and I love her as if she was my own child ^_^
Here's a Picture.


Hakumei Ookami said:
Though when I do finally get one, it'd have to be a dog. I'd probably end up treating him more like an equal than a pet though o_o;
*high fives*

Right on.


between me and my furry sister here at home we own:
9 cats
5 dogs
70-gallon saltwater coral reef aquarium w/clam, anemone, tons of live coral, fish starfish...too much to list!
koipond with 7 koi and lots of random little fish and frogs
red-ear slider turtle
box tortise
15 chickens
18 guinea pigs
7 pigeons (make that 9! LOL 2 were born today!)
2 parakeets

and this is the LEAST ammount of pets we have owned! used to have rabbits, hamsters, finhces, a big old iguanna and we used to have WAY more guniea pigs (65 once thanks to a male getting lose with the girls!) and chickens! (2 hens hatched 32 eggs one summer!) and we once had 21 cats as we were fostering 2 litters of kittens and their moms!


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im happy i jest own one..ill prob own 2-3 dog l8er in life when i have a house..prob be more huskies..cuz they live in packs : )


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At Dad's, 4 dogs (all Belgian Tervuren) and 1 cat (named Spot, he's mine). (used to have a second, but he died... maybe a week or two ago? Failed kidneys for a really long time, Dad was keeping him alive... since he's a vet. lol)

At Mom's, 2 dogs (miniature poodles) and a cat also.

Used to have more, Mom used to show Belgians. (We had... 9 I think? Maybe more.)


Aldog076 said:
im happy i jest own one..ill prob own 2-3 dog l8er in life when i have a house..prob be more huskies..cuz they live in packs : )

What you're forgetting is that when you have a dog, you become their pack.

You shouldn't treat dogs as equal. You are pack leader, and are higher in the heirarchy than them. They need that more than they need you putting upon them human emotions.

Try watching The Dog Whisperer. He has some good hints.


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yeah i know i saw that shit...it crazy wut u can teach dogs all sorts of stuff... and ya i know u become pack leader and stuff but to me it sucks to be alone all day so thats wut i want to do is get another when i have the space ad time to take care of 2 dogs...


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Let's see, of my family's pets:

One dog, "Shadow", lab/chow, female, spayed, 14 years.

Seven cats:
- "Zelda": Female calico, 12+ years old. Top cat; even the dog won't cross in front of her.
- "Whiskers": Female part-Siamese (part tabby?), small and lightweight, about 8-10 years old.
- "Jack": Long-haired gray and black striped male. Wanders around a lot, shows up maybe once a week.
- "Sinbad": Shorthaired male, smoke-black coat. Shy and defensive against the other cats.
- "Socks": Large, possibly overweight gray-striped male with white feet, 2 years old. Very friendly to people, dominant littermate. Quiet meows.
- "Sandy": littermate to Socks, male. Slightly smaller, same general coloring but with more hints of brown. Loud meows, likes some attention but otherwise more independent than his brother.
- "Opal": Another littermate, female, possibly the runt. White and gray tabby mix, with a very curly tail that arches almost flat across her back. Very cute, but also very shy, will occasionally sit on laps but does not purr easily.


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I have two dogs. A 3 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, and a 1 year old Yellow Lab. I still miss my German Shepherd so much, though. Most loyal friend...


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I have two cats and a dog. Both of the cats are good ol' American Shorthairs, and the dog is a cavalier and poodle mix.


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I've got 2 Guinea Pigs. I Really wanna cat or dog, but i'm allergic to fur (Ironic i know) I can only like go near the Guinea Pigs for limited amounts of time, otherwise i get really blotchy, and i start sneezing. I went to one of my friends birthday parties once and we went horse riding. To cut a long story short, i ended up in hospital. I'd swollen up like a balloon, and i couldnt see because i'd swelled up so much!


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German shepherd/border collie/blue heeler
Exremely playful, thinks that all the world wants to be his friend
He's friendly, but territorial.
Will eat anything and everything
I do a bully breed dog rescue so atm I am taking care of 27 dogs that arent mine.
other than that...14 dogs that are mine. 5 horses. 2 cats. a pygmy cow, normal cow. a goat. a burmese python and an albino ball python. a beta fish...a scorpian, 2 hermit crabs, 3 hampsters,unknown amount of chickens lol. From Thailands to Golden buffs. a cockatiel (no, not a cockatoo) an african grey, and a great amazon.

Edit:Now too include a blue-tailed lizard and a garden snake.

...lots of animals.... *blinks*


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I have two cats. My male cat Ashes is 10, and is on meds for seizures, and my female cat Shadow is 9, and is neurotic. But I love them both and they are big cuddly sucks ^^
I actually have one..just not at school. where i am at now. Ill post a pic here later today when I get home.

Edit: Sorry it took soo long... I uploaded the pics below. ;)


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I have a cat, Zoe, who is a male. His mom was a feral and pregnant, so I socialized her before turning her over to a cat rescue I was volunteering at. :) She ended up becoming a great house cat and is now up for adoption. :D Zoe's two brothers, Matthew and Joseph, also found great homes.

It's been cool having Zoe since I was there since he was first born. He and I are super bonded. He's a tri-colored mackerel tabby.

The family has a dog... I call the dog "it," but his name is Keiro. Can't stand that dog, really. Cute dog, so smart, wonderful pet... but holy crap he barks nonstop. He's a Shetland Sheepdog and those dogs are notorious for barking. We were fostering him for a dog rescue and decided to keep him since he naturally began to aid my mom (who is bedridden) when she needed something. Still... I wanna rip his voice box out sometimes. >:E Eh, I love the mutt... I just wish he was more willing to be trained. :)

Zoe http://www.flickr.com/photos/misskealoha/sets/72157601617747621/

Keiro http://www.flickr.com/photos/misskealoha/sets/72157601608123853/


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Thread needs moar bird love.

My cute little pied cockatiel (MoonUnit) pretty much chills either on the tv or the chair next to my computer all day, can whistle a few tunes (he's recently started to pick up the tune to a Rancid song. My bird is hardcore), can wolf-whistle and occaisionally tries to mimic speech, but I never have any idea what he's trying to say.