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Who here has pets?


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To keep thing s going in this thread..who her has a pet that inspired their fursona?my sibe is wut inspired mine...wut about u guys?
One of my characters is based completely off a puppy that was bon on feb 14th! lol. valentines.
Her name is riley and everything.


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5 dogs
A Mexican hairless, a Chinese crested, Sharpe/mutt mix, and 2 mastiffs

And my cat, Mr. Eddie.


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I have a wolfdog named Toboe, a mutt named Cheeba, another wolfie named Indo, two cats (Ashi and Mumble), 5 bantam chickens (Magnifico, Dutchess, Darla, Anna Maria and Dimples), 3 ducks (Afflak, Gloria and LoveLace), 3 geese (Ziggy, Buh-Dee and Indeca), 4 rabbits (Whisper, Willow, Ralph and Alice), 3 regular chickens (Touche, Goldie and Owlie), 5 peafowl (Capt. Jack, Barbosa, Scarlett, Jazel and Sparrow), 1 button quail named Wando, a goat named Shaena and my big, bossy horse, Nita...I'm pretty sure that's everyone...
oh god...imagine if I went through the names of every single animal I have...talk about a mouth full!

speaking of which add a garden snake, and a blue-tailed lizard to my list above....was cleaning out the yard and found them. considering a garden snake like that (only older as this one is a young baby, only 5 inches) was $40+ at the local pet stores [petco and petsmart] lol...and I did consider getting one...but this is cooler lol.

Also Im adding pics of my little cow for Beastcub.

The first three, of the little black and white is my pygmy cow.

Brutus next to a dog.

Next to My dads dairy cow, Delilah. And his son who we sold.


^Deliah and another mini cow we had...which we sold.

Brutus next to my baby cousin.


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Mabyn said:
Thread needs moar bird love.

My cute little pied cockatiel (MoonUnit) pretty much chills either on the tv or the chair next to my computer all day, can whistle a few tunes (he's recently started to pick up the tune to a Rancid song. My bird is hardcore), can wolf-whistle and occaisionally tries to mimic speech, but I never have any idea what he's trying to say.

Hehe, this sounds like my cockatiel! He tends to boil down all human speech into a kind of "brebrebrebre" noise. He doesn't do any songs yet, though. :p

Those cows are so pretty, Luna_Redmoon! I had never heard of pygmy cows before.
Thanks Parsley! I LOVE MY COWS! *huggles*
lol. btw my cousin is only like 3 if that gives you any size perception lmao.
Also, Lil Darlin' My cockatiel has a deep raspy/screechy voice so it is hard to understand sometimes. She says words like Telephone, too loud (talking about tv lol), stop, Leota (grandmother) Jason, (cousin)...umm.....lol. I dont remember all she says. But my african grey has a vocab of over 500+ words...he says something new every day. and people seem surprized when he says something cause he acts like he wants a conversation.
But all my birds can sing songs. and whistle them...Andy Griffith Show, to Lassie, and Old mcdonalds...B-I-N-G-O....and alot of kids songs mized with random parts from other songs lol.
Yes, much bird love here. lol


i have two dogs and one cat


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I have a Yorkie (although I'm sure there's a weird mix of dachshund and Jack Russel somewhere in the pot) and a British Longhair cat.


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I have a Border Collie cross. Not entirely sure what she is crossed with, but it's either a Retriever or Lab. So I have a super hyped up friend. Doesn't help that she's only two or three years old.


I have lots of pets :3

Cats: Hyacinth, Rose, Grendel, Plumaria, Forest, Rotifir, Mr. Moo, Marvin, and Acorn
G.Pig: Henwin
Dog: Rory(greyhound)
Fish, I guess they count as one since they're kind of contained, but theres atleast 10 of them.



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Aldog076 said:
This thread is about owing really life dogs, cats, ect...I own a Siberian Husky, She is 6 months old.have a pic of her on FA.( getting better camera)i Based my fursona off of her(not the gender) her eyes, patterns of her fur is wut i used for drawing... So dose anyone else here own animals? please share...

Siberian Husky?! I'm so jelous! >.< Those are my favorite type of dog! ...The comes the German Shephard.

Jumping back to the topic... No... I don't have a pet anymore. (Age + Cancer = The end)

Last pet was a Dog, was a little Jack Russel that was given to me a long time ago.


5 cats and a snapping turtle
i have 1 cat and 1 dog


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I have a 3 year old golden retriever who still seems to act like he is still a puppy.