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Who here has pets?


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Three dogs. Captain Morgan, Kai Shadow, and Jasmin. All of them are Norwegian Elkhounds.


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1 Golden Retriever/Lab mix. DJ, short for "Dog Joy" or "Delinquent Juvenile".

He's too durn cute for his own good. :p


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Alright, I'm not trying to brag srsly gais.

I've got 6 dogs -- 1 Australian Shepard named Jasper; we also call him the Camo Puppy because his fur is in a blotch pattern shade of grey. Alternative nicknames: Spring loaded puppy (because he can jump REAL high), Mr. Nudge (because he will also violently attack you with his muzzle), and Snoopy (because he trails our electric fence for different smells -- he heards are other dogs lol).

1 Blue Tick Pit Bull mix named Rosebud; she's a real sweet dog and is a tan to black fade. I don't know why, but she keeps sticking her butt in the air and for our own sake, that's not a good thing: Her name is pretty much irony -- because she rips these really bad grass farts of death on occasion. You just don't want her pointing up at you.

1 Blue Tick Golden Retriever Mix named Toby. Named after Toby Keith from my step brother who likes country, this dog is just the emulation of a lazy, free, happy dog. He drools a lot -- and for not being nuetered, he's not sexually active. Like, at all.

1 Hound / Australian Shepard named Roxy. She's a real fluffball and we've had her for awhile. We consider her the pack leader and also give her that handle when talking to her. She's real talkative -- and old. Real loyal dog.

2 Beagles - ones Daisy the others Duke. Duke's a total pimp -- he'll just roll over for the belly rubs and is just real lazy in nature, but active nonetheless. Daisy is a spaz monster; the most vocal out of the all of the dogs, she wrestles with the rest of them like she's the same size. Total spedmoore -- she'll also whine when you give her belly rubs while kissing you to death. XD


on the farm witch i live there are 30 chickens { not includeing the ones in my house.} and a total of 9 dogs 1 cat

the one i and my husband own are

Bi poler {poler for short}--- half pit/ ? the polarized pup

sweetie - my baby half mini greyhound/ chawawa

and navi - half pit/something else

and 3 chickens in my livening room


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1 Dog. A Pur bred long haired German Shepard named Bear



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I beat you all! If this is a contest.

I still live with my mom, and 3 siblings, but out of all of us we have, 4 dogs and 3 cats.

Sasha, our pure-bred German Shepard, lives out at the acreage with my dad and she is my baby. (She comes running up to me and leans against me until I pet her, and then she rolls over wanting me to give her a belly rub.)

Then we have Max, 6 month old Shitsu-Maltese (I think) and Molly, 2 year old Bichon-Shitsu.

And last for the dogs we have Benji who is a inbred, deaf, 12 year old bichon. (He is extremely stupid and will eat absolutely anything and keep eating until his stomach ruptures.

Then we have Cuddles, a 4 year old cross breed cat whose name is an absolute oxymoron, as she never cuddles with anyone.

And last we have Minny and Mako (both girls), two twin Siamese kittens, who are only 2 months old and absolutely adorable.


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I have one very, very stupid Golden Retriever named Tanher. She's awfully sweet and a really big chicken. I love her to pieces. Best. Dog. Evar. (IMO, anyways.)


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4 dogs, 8 birds, 6 cats, 2 goats, and a hores


2 dogs, 5 cats, 2 horses, and quite a few fish. Not to mention myself who is quite allergic to most of them. My house is one big mess most of the time.


Two gerbils. Sortof going to own three rats.

I like rodents, which is probably a bit odd for the species I've wound with.


I've had a beta fish, three dogs, four cats, a bunny, and lizard.
My house used to be a zoo but now It's one cat and one dog. -nods- :3


I used to, but he's so cute that i must post a pic :3

His name was Denzel, I miss him very much T_T
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4 dogs - 2 dachshunds, one black lab, & one golden retriever. 8 cats - unknown barn cats. 5 horses - mostly thoroughbreds. so yeah I have alot of animals out here. but I really wish I had a pet fox, my aunt does and they are so cute!
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Only got a overgrown mini schnauzer named "Balder" (Norwegian "rabalder" means "racket"), I treat him too mutch like a cat ^^3 but he likes it.


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i have three dogs, three cats a bird and a fish.

my house is a zoo. :p


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1 Medium Schnauzer
3 Yorkshire Terries
2 Mini Poodle
1 Chihuahua

Not joking =)


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2 Cats: A 5 year old egyptian mau named Gawain (he's the second one), and a 4 year old tiny named Ada (she's the first one).
I used to have a black cat named Akira, but she's in my mom's possession now.


I've got two chihuahuas (One's name is Taco, and the other's is Lacey. They're both girls.), and a miniature schnauzer named Abby.


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I have one very fat lazy cat but i find him so cute ^^
and once photobuckets lives again ill show pics!


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A 14 year old Karthuizer, a 7 year old black alleycat, a 5 year old tigered alleycat, a 2 year old Shiba Inu, a 7 year old sable ferret, and a whole lot of mosquitos.


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Ferret, rabbit (dutch dwarf, rescue), cat (brown tabby, rescue), dog (mutt, rescue), parrot (yellow-naped amazon), couple of horses (american quarterhorse), and teh cowz (gelbvieh, stock). The usual menagerie. >_>