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Who here has pets?


Just checkin' in
I have 2 cats. one is a blue eyed seal point siamese and the other is a yellow eyed greydomestic shorthair. Their names are simon and smokey and simon is 2 years older than smokey. Simon is a big cat, very solid and well muscled but sleek and smooth. He's the bosscat of the block and is large and in charge and thrashes the crap out of the cats that he doesn't like. However he's a succer for attention and loves to flop down in peoples lap and get his ears scratched or snuggle up next to people on the couch. Smokey is small and kind of stumpy but he's a fast little bugger and walks around with a swagger and likes to tell people what to do. He's far too energetic and wont sit still long enough for you to pet him. He is however, a bit of a fraidy cat and always runs off before the trouble starts. He relies on simon to back him up and loves his food. He also has a much higher pitched, squeaky meow than simaon who has more of a low, growly meow.

Both of them have gone missing for a couple of weeks exactly one time, exactly 2 years apart from eachother and came back home later, perfectly fine like nothing had happened. I'm their favorite person in the house and they always come to me when they want something filled with food, scared away, opened or closed or just when they want attention.

There. A "short" summary of my pets.:-D


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Lost my pets when I was kicked out of my house. 1 cat, 2 dogs, and a ferret. I miss them so much.:(


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I had to give my cat and our dog to the shelter before we moved ;-; I miss my kitty who I have had for years and even the dog who we had for about 4 years. Would've been too much work to get them across the country and then somehow manage to find a place to rent that could take pets. The place we did find wouldn't have taken pets so they would've been sent to a shelter here than back home ;-;
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The Lovable Trolling Kitteh
I got three lovable kittehz.

One is called Mee-shee (michi), he is 13 years old, white, with one golden eye and the other blue; and the two sons of a friend's cat, Khan and Kodoz, they are 8 months old up to date, one is a Mackarel tabby and the other is a dark grey.


The Laconic Draconic
I have a lovely little manx cat, she's my joy.

I HAD a very beautiful chow/shepherd/hybrid. She was murdered, a few months ago. I still miss her...very very much. Last picture I ever had of her, when she was playing in the mud, thus the dirty picture, lol:

And I also had Oscar-fish, and plan on have a set again once I get my tank set back up. >.< Memo to anyone: don't buy Walmart fish. They're disease-ridden creatures.


The Silent Hunter...
1. Lucky. Black and white Lasa Hapso + Shnouzer.
Its funny though, out vet told us she was a Lasa Hapso and Blue Healer crossed, but our local dog expert assures us thatshes no Healer, shes Shnouzer :\
Had her since i was 7 (im 22 now) and shes still going strong, a little less active but thats understandable. She still runs around and gets all excited and stuff, it makes me really happy to see that.
Thoughout the years shes been hit by 2 cars and horse trailer, gotten into scraps with Rotties, kicked by asshole neighbors, swiped at by bears, charged by moose, and even got injured and carried off by a wild Coyote (a fact which makes me sad my fursona is one)
HOWEVER, She remains with all limbs and extremities intact and extremely healthy.
She was named "Lucky" after our favorite 101 Dalmatian, a movie we happened to be watching at the time she arrived in our house the first time.


2. Sylvester (aka. Sly, aka. Momma) Black & White American Shorthair
This ones a fighter to everyone else but her closest of family, and those who prove friendly to her family. Everything else, is fair game. And i do NOT overexagerate this.

Throughout the years, shes been the base guard animal of the property up north. Unlike Lucky just managing to get herself out of the scraps with Rotties, Sylvester calmlywalked right up and then defended Lucky's honor with the group of Rotties, and leaves them CRYING. We SAW this happen! For her injuries? A scratch on the tip of her left ear that split it open a bit. Its since healed over.
As for other things, shes fallen INSANE heights from trees trying to hunt birds (proving to us by leaving this present on the doorstep),
i could go on and on but i wont.

She later received the nickname "Momma" for one reason: she was sort of a slut :p
She went through 7 entire litters in only a few short years before we finally got her fixed. And when we did, she was pregnant, AGAIN.
The first litter, unfortunately only had 1 survivor, a Male Calico kitten. But the rest of the babies form then on remained healthy and living until we gave them to the SPCA.


3. 'Kita. An Akita of grey fur.
We lived on 40 acres of property up north, and my dad wanted a big dog.
And boy he wasn't kidding.
One day he brought home a frigging Akita pup. And holy crap, did i love that dog. To the point where it made Lucky insanely jealous (though unintentional of course).

Kita, didn't last too long with us though. Unfortunately, and no its not that he was treated poorly or anything, just, we couldn't afford to have him. He ate WAY to much for being the big dog he was when he grew up. On top of that he started causing slight problems in the family, such as tackling the shit out of my 7 year old little brother everytime he got out of the f150.

one night i woke up to strange lights outside my room door, it was of a cab. I witnessed in confusion as my beloved 'Kita was forced into the backseat, and driven away, my mother standing outside watching this.
I ran to her yelling, pissed off, etc. Every right, i never got my chance to even say goodbye >_>, apparently the cab driver was a dog musher from the Yukon, and was happy to take Kita off our hands as he needed another sled dog for himself.
I never saw Kita again, of course. And it still pisses me off to this day.
I never once got a proper picture of him growing up. :\ (too poor at the time for misc trinkets like cameras you see)

Also unfortunately for me, my current living conditions do not allow pets of any sort, so i cant have Lucky and Sylvester with me like originally planned. Both my mother and father are now divorced and lviing in two other areas of BC, both of which lving in places that ALSO dont allow Pets.
So my pets are currently living with someone whome i dont even know, and yet again, pisses me off to no end >_>

One day when i fianlly live in a place where i can at least throw down a pet damage deposit, im either getting myself a German Shepherd pup, or another AKita.

Sorry WOT. Ill shut up now :p


i got 3 rabbits myself ^-^
1 black male rabbit named Phantom, he's under a year, but he's growing up pretty fast :3
1 white female rabbit, who my cousin was suppose to name, but never did so i call her snowy, she's a dwarf rabbit, since she's still as small as when i first got her
and 1 black female rabbit, named Bella who i recieved from a friend of my mother. She's old, and she's had several baby bunnies, so yea
those are the alive animals
i got my dalmations ashes still, so he still counts ^-^
he got put down last year due to kidney failure, and i got him cremated so he can still be with me
He was 13 years old, and was gorgeous <3 Patch <3

those are my pets, and i love 'em all to bits :D


The Lovable Trolling Kitteh
Do you realize that some pets can be considered a delicious meal?

Now, what is the reason why we pet some animals and we eat another animals...??


hillbilly guy

i gots me a scatter gun
i got two dogs a blue tick hound and a mut
and i guess i got a cat, its just one that shows up every now and then and thare are no other houses near me so its more of a wild cat


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I have a black and white rabbit named Cosmo, after Cosmo Kramer.

Thing is, it's funny considering he loves unsalted crackers (As in one Seinfeld episode, Kramer pretends to work for a company when all he does all day is tote a suitcase filled with Ritz), he's clumsy as hell, and he has these fits where he goes berserk (Kind of like when Kramer got convulsive fits whenever he heard Mary Hart's voice), maybe naming him Cosmo was a bad idea, I don't really care though, I love the hell outta my psychotic rabbit.
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2(soon to be 3) dogs, 2 cats and one huge goldfish(this thing could probably eat the cats)


I have 2 dogs and 4 cats.. I LOVE the cats to death... I'm a huge cat person


I have a Green Cheeked Conure and a black cat!

This is Skittles! He's the coolest bird ever! He's the bird that thinks he's a furry =3 There's just sooo many good things to say about him I don't even know where to start... Well, he's just over 2 now, but in this picture he was like.. 6 weeks? Dunno. Anyways, he's a cool friend. We hang out and snack and watch TV, and sometimes we have heated debates consisting of two or three repeated words...

Revel in his glorious cuteness!! =D


And, here is Booda! Booda is my mom's cat, and we've had him for quite a while. Like.. dunno... 7 or 8 years? Probably more then that... I think 9. And we got him as a stray! So who knows how old he is? Well, he's a cool cat, and he loves to annoy people XD He's such a weirdo, sometimes he'll just meow at me until I follow him, and he'll drag me around the house just out of boredom or something! Lol! And, for some reason he loves drenching his head with water from the faucet...



Only a Book Smart Nerd
I am taming an army of chipmunks.


My one and only Zorro!!!

If you dont count the 2 dogs and other 3 cats (witch i love) (Oreo.. my cat that is no longer with us looks like my avatar)

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oh god here it comes x_X *gets ready to type*

pets i currently have:
approximately 16 button quails, 2 bobwhite quails, 3 mice, 1 rat, 1 cockatiel, 1 canary, 2 zebra finches, 2 diamond doves, 1 dragon eel, 2 dogs, 1 cat.

pets i have had:
3 sun conures, 1 macaw, 2 iguanas, 1 water dragon, 1 fire salamander, 5 fire bellied frogs/salamanders, bullfrogs, toads, tadpoles, fish (salt and freshwater), 4 parakeets, garter snakes, like total of 46 anoles(i catch them every year in florida and bring em back), a few other cats/dogs, and 3 ringneck doves.
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