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Who here likes dragons?


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I love both :p
I've got an obsession really. Hell even in my early gaming days I used to focus on dragonic things.
In UT 98' I used to play a mod called U4E which included a character model called Draco2 (anthro dragon lol)


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and of course like all the people that are going to post are going to be dragons themselves :p *chuckles* just like asking who likes foxes or wolves, gonna be mostly wolves or foxes that reply.


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Yeah, anything with four legs and capable of flight I will like.

Ty Vulpine

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I do, but only Western (European-style) dragons, and mainly two-legged ones though four-legged are okay.


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Oh yeah Newfdragon. I see the definition of hot on your sig and avi. >:3

Me? I am both. Hell I faviorited some dragon pic's from my faviorite artists.
And im making a story with a dragoness and one of my new character. Expect total hottness. :D


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of course, I love draggies.


I cant explain it....they are just smokin' hot!!!
Dragon chicks are the just the best....
<33 Dragon boobs!!


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I more into the fur, but dragons are awesome too. I started getting more into the anthro versions after becoming a fan of Let from 'Rave Master'.

Renton Whitetail

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Yeah, dragons are cool. :cool: